Wednesday 28 November 2012

phoebe and lita

Saba Phoebe dress (in olive here); Jeffrey Campbell Litas; ASOS sunnies

I do this thing, where I see something I like, walk past it twice, decide to try it on, LOVE it, put it back on the rack, try it on twenty-three times after that, and by the time I decide that I'm ready to purchase it, it's nowhere to be found! Not in my size, not in all of Melbourne. Or Sydney. I had to ring up Brisbane.

Well you see, I had needed a dress for my recital. It was an almost impossible mission over the last couple of years, to find something that wasn't too fitted or too short, that had a decent neckline while still allowing me to breathe with ease, that when worn would sit comfortably without worry of falling straps or skirts riding up. Perhaps I had been looking in the wrong places? I don't know.

Saba had this dress in a gloriously vibrant orange print, or as a friend put it, 'oriental'. I loved it. Then I found it in good ol' black. Sleek. I wanted both and if you've met me and my indecisiveness, you'd know I was at a loss! Black was simple, slinky and sophisticated; the subtle ruched detail at the back and the asymmetrical hemline had me hooked, the neckline comfortably high and shoulders just a tad more cut-in. The perfect recital dress. 

So a few weeks (and conversations with myself) later, I quietened my mind and settled with the black - it'd work beautifully for a recital, dressed up for an important event, dressed down for casual cool, I rationalised. Of course, by then every other chick in Melbourne had already snagged this beauty for themselves, and I had to have it express posted. I'm wearing it here with these amaaaazing crochet JC Litas I was surprised with on my birthday! Truth be told, I honestly wasn't quite a fan of the 'Lita' platforms (those black ones), until I met this crochet fella. But that's another story for another day :)

Photos by Thomas Lo 
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  1. lOvely dress! and cant beat some Lita's ;) Im the same I ummm and ahhh about things then by the time I make up my mind they're gone haha xx

    1. haha being indecisive is so stressful at times! and yes, the litas are so pretty and comfy i would wear them all day if i could ;)

  2. amazing dress! love your style!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

    1. thank you ladies :) it is an amazing dress, feels so ridiculously good on! i love the things i spy on your blog too xx

  3. lovee this look!! especially your litas :D

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter Blog


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