Wednesday 16 January 2013

the suitcase challenge

I admit, I used to start packing only hours before having to hop on the flight, meaning (almost recklessly) stuffing just about everything and anything into the poor little suitcase, realising afterwards that I had only really needed about half of what I had lugged around. (Efficient) packing really is a skill in itself and while I'm nowhere close to attaining master status I am proud to say that the whole process is now definitely a whole lot calmer and even makes some sort of sense! So here's what's tagging along with me around Vietnam and Hong Kong, colour-coded..

Something so natural about blue and white that puts you at ease for a casual get-up.

According to a friend I am a 'red person', shades of which are always good with blacks for a standout look, easily dressed up or down. 

Couldn't go without crochet and lace for the beach. Fingers and toes crossed for decent weather.

For added visual interest - geometric shapes, whimsical ducks, leopard print.. you name it! Though, in this case it appears to be a complementary assortment of florals. 

Then rationalise footwear and arm candy, finalise your culling process for the 27th time, and ta-daa! Hopefully this seemingly sensible selection of 15 pieces (I might be wrong, give or take) from beach to knitwear will see me comfortably through three different weather types over the next couple of weeks. 

I'll go one better - how about a different outfit every day that I'm away? 

Challenge accepted.

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  1. great post, you have packing locked down!
    love the colour coordination :)


    1. haha i could probably still do lots better! practice makes perfect i guess ;)


  2. This is gorgeous, the lace is beautiful. Lovely to have a new post from you.

    1. thank you :) love crochet and lace so it was definitely coming along with me! x


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