Wednesday 2 April 2014


It's no secret that I go gaga every time a new collection drops on The Fashion Bunker. It's news that travels from Melbourne to my girlfriends in Singapore and back. Indeed there is a certain satisfaction in scouring through new designs, feasting your eyes on new cuts, and new prints.

In all honesty a half-body of leopard does not fall into my typical dress code. It is a print that works well on a pair of loafers, pumps, or your clutch; one that has it's recurring phases in the spotlight but never, in my books anyway, as the main item of clothing that you are wearing. So it took me some time before spotting something in the depths of my (perpetual) floordrobe that I was comfortable pairing it with - in fact, I tend to favour lighter separates as an alternative to the convenient comfort of black pieces.
Wearing: Cameo top, Topshop culottes, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Jolie & Deen necklace/bangle

Photos by Terry
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