Tuesday 11 September 2012


The long-waited, behind-the-scenes snippet of a shoot that I styled a couple of weeks ago. Yes I enjoy drooling over beautiful outfits, and am most proud of my ability to memorise store items and function as a walking shopping guide. I enjoy people-watching, and wonder why they dressed the way they were. I enjoy picking out clothes, pairing them together in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways.. probably most evident in my own outfit posts. So it was a refreshing and insightful change this time to have a go at styling for a specific concept, gathering my thoughts and pulling my ideas from all corners of the web, and putting them into two, visually exciting outfits. I need to mention special thanks to BAM Brands for your lovely Amore and Sorvete pieces, To The Max and Lovisa for your support and helping me make everything come together literally in the last couple of days!

So here you have it - for now, a happy combination of big curls, bright colours and bagfuls of lollies. I was privileged to have worked with such lovely ladies (and couple of guys) and I can't wait to share the finished shots with you very soon! 

Photos by Thomas Lo and me
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  1. I'm curious as to how the professional shots look like! Great styling! :)

    accidental encounters

    1. Thanks Kim! Stay tuned.. they'll be up quite soon xxx


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