Monday 6 May 2013


Topshop knit, Zara short and bag and shoes - wow.

I am aware my instagram feed has seen one too many #foodstagrams within the last week considering my attempts to stretch my kitchen skills, but creations like these filo pizza-tart crossovers are simply way too exciting for me not to share - heavenly ricotta-spinach-pinenut pairings and discovering for myself the beauty of caramelised onions keep me sane and happy. 

Perhaps I'll leave all my food musings for a separate blog post, but for now I draw your attention to a day-friendly combination of black and red, and red lips in particular. A bold and striking combination offset by this soft and cozy wonder of a slouchy turtleneck I scored for a mere SGD$9 (AUD$6). I admit I've never been a fan of the turtleneck (don't they look and feel a little funny/smothering?!) but with the right amount of give and slouch around the neck it actually does a pretty decent job of substituting for a scarf. And I say that as a true believer of the humble scarf. 

Photos by Thomas Lo
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