Wednesday 15 May 2013


Jolie & Deen floral blazer, My mother's vintage pencil skirt, Sportsgirl lace tee, Asos heels

Have been hiding away from the online blogosphere for the last 10 days - uni has been absolutely crazy and it was good to stay offline, coming up with fancy salad concoctions for a little bit. I have a very exciting closet feature that I can't wait to share with you guys (Instagram had first peeks) but first, let's get acquainted with my new hair. I've always felt that your hair defines your look and is such a huge part of your identity - am I the only one who feels that way? It's been almost six years since my hair's been anywhere within 4 inches of my shoulders and while I absolutely loved the versatility of my (extremely) long hair, it definitely felt like it was time for a change so here I am, 8 inches or so shorter. 

It's not everyday you come across a two-toned wall in the exact same shades as your outfit (and Ikea) so I was jumping for joy when it all worked out between this busy floral print and bright mustard yellow pencil skirt that was my mom's from back in the day! Navy and yellow is (usually) a fail-safe colour combination and a simple lace tee was all that was needed to tie together colours reminiscent of good ol' Spring with an otherwise corporate silhouette

This has got to be one of my favourite shoots to date! x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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  1. This is definitely the best shoot! What a combination, I can see it in a mag. Ur new hair suits u very much! xx

  2. Amazing photos dear!! and this location is so super cool!!

    Miss ya!


  3. This outfit's great, I love how you managed to match the wall so perfectly! I think the new hair suits you by the way, it makes you look more sophisticated

  4. Great outfit hun love the floral blazer! Your hair looks fab too xx

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  5. WHOAH that wall is so perfect for this outfit! Such a well put together post, love it!


  6. I already mentioned this on instagram but I'm in LOVE with these photos! Gorgeous blazer, it complements the yellow skirt so well, and how in the world did you find the perfect place to shoot it?? Definitely kismet :-)

    Also I've had long hair for a while now and am ready to go shorter again as well, especially since summer is coming on the Northern hemisphere! You look great with this length, I feel it looks much more polished!


  7. Ooo, that skirt is stunning.


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