Saturday 15 June 2013


Asos blouse, Portmans blazer, Zara pants, RMK heels, Orelia necklace

Let's talk harem

I am aware they've got a bit of a bad rep, and while there is a large selection of badly proportioned ones out there, they are by far my favourite style of pants - fitted around the waist, slouchy around the legs, tapered around the ankles. I love the absolute comfort and freedom of movement (I clearly cannot deal with restriction) - more so than the comfiest of skinny jeans would ever allow. Major brownie points for Zara's slinky material that feels so incredibly luxe on the skin. These ones are also incredibly versatile thanks to a non-attention-grabbing geometric print, and takes me from low-key loungey (cozy jumper and beanie pairings) to something a little cleaner - transformed easily with the help of a particular crisp white blazer and slim pointy heels. These pants are indeed my feel-good pants. 

So believe me when I say to all you harem-skeptics out there: your wardrobe certainly isn't complete till you find your perfect pair of harem pants. Everything that I've just rambled on about will fall into place then ;)

Photography by Street Smith
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  1. Such a perfectly clean outfit! I am a big fan of the harem pants because I too hate being restricted!


  2. Biggest style crush! Love your style! They are the best pair of harem pants I've ever seen! xx

  3. Wish I could splurge and get them but I've been keeping my eye out for similar ones while I'm in Turkey. In love with those Harem Pants! They slouch in all the right places and I love how they are more fitted around the calf and ankle. So feminine yet cool at the same time!


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