Monday 24 June 2013


Sportsgirl tee, jacket and pants c/o Boohoo, Asos heels, Orelia necklace

This weekend has seen me (finally) win the battle with my books. How students are able to, or attempt to, absorb a semester's worth of information during these weeks escapes me - unless of course you are incredibly diligent throughout semester.  It's a serious case of willpower. Much like the herculean effort it takes to get through the first few morning runs of your new & revised fitness plan. 

Melbourne has been downright frosty of late - 1 degree mornings, whuut?! I don't even fathom. Everyday mysteries aside, let's look at this tweed-sleeved jacket that managed to trip up my brother enough he had to take a closer look to confirm that the sleeve was indeed attached to the rest of the jacket's white body. Gotcha! I styled these pieces up for a special Boohoo feature that should be hitting the world wide web soonish, but you see it here first! Sticking to a simple colour mix I loved the casual vibe and subtle play on textures (get friendly with brocade), nothing ridiculous :)

And now I free you from my 2am ramblings. This coming weekend could not get here any sooner. 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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  1. loving this jackets sleeves. very cool. looking forward to seeing the feature on boohoo :)

    1. they are pretty sweet! the boohoo feature should be up soon, can't wait to check it out for myself either xx


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