Wednesday 11 September 2013


Keepsake dress, Marais USA sandals via Shopbop

If you are the owner of this lovely garden shed, pardon me for getting perhaps just a little too close to your property for your liking, but I hope that you do see why it played the perfect backdrop, right down to the whimsical slant of the clothesline and the way the scattered multi-coloured clothes pegs seem to complement this magical mirrored print dress. Melbourne's weather has again turned to chill and I have caught a cold, probably from stubbornly inappropriate summer dressing, but these (very strategically placed) cutouts were too good to pass up on, even for just another week. Cobalt blue - we have had our ups and downs. But in small accented doses it's a beautiful partnership and we're fairly smooth-sailing right now.. 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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  1. Hello I'm from Hong Kong :) i really love this post! you look stunning and i love your colorful dress<3
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

  2. Hey,
    I love your blog
    btw I nominated you for the leibster award (YAY!)For instructions follow the link down there vvv

  3. Your dress is gorgeous, and the setting you chose for the photos is brilliant, it looks so good! xx Maylis

  4. I love that kaleidoscope print!

    Tiffany x


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