Thursday 24 October 2013


Keepsake Forever Dress via The Fashion Bunker, Zara heels, Jolie & Deen necklace

I never really fully understood the appeal of a bodycon dress. 

Sure - it looks amazing on the perfectly-proportioned, and it makes you think you look AND feel good for about 60 minutes. Tops. Then your skirt riding up every 5 steps starts to become a problem, and you realise that having your body wrapped up that way doesn't allow for a very comfortable meal experience. Is this me being cynical? Perhaps I've still yet to find one I've fallen in love with, yet. In any case, I have termed this dress shape above ' the flouncy dress' - the fitted body and flared out skirt has been making its way into my wardrobe for summer. Less restrictive, much more playful, and certainly a far cry from this major melodrama of a maxi dress (my high school literature teacher would be proud of that triple alliteration). 

Off I go now to the Shakuhachi Warehouse Sale..! Who's been there?! And an exciting jam packed filming weekend ahead ;)

Photography by Thomas Lo
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  1. So glad to have found a fellow Melbourne blogger! :)
    I love this dress, especially being able to wear it this summer and throwing a sweater over it for winter! I heard about the Shakuhachi sale, but I must resist this time...

  2. Great dress, love it! xx

  3. SO amazing!
    Have been following your blog for a while, and am really adoring all the pictures and the photography!



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