Friday 11 October 2013


Talulah top, Cameo skirt, Harper+Hudson necklace - all via Halcyon State

The little slits; those pleats, the geometrical stitching of the metallic skirt. I truly believe that the difference, especially in simplicity, is all in the details. You might not notice it's there, but you certainly will when it isn't there.

Talulah has taken a simple white blouse - which, strangely, is something that seems to evade the prowls of my shopaholic habits - and turned it into something that hits all the right notes. With high-waisted black harems and it would've sealed office-chic; denim cut-offs and off you trot to your next music festival. But, metallic. Never have I considered an all-round metallic piece within the confines of my wardrobe, but in this case it promised to be a worthy complement to the simple white blouse. 

It's all in the details.

Photography by Thomas Lo
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  1. Agreed! Sometimes it's the littlest details that make all the difference! :)

    Great pictorials as usual babe!

    accidental encounters


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