Tuesday 26 November 2013

Parrots & Prints

Natasha Gan halter top, Witchery culottes, Zara heels, Petite Grand bracelet

It's not everyday you find yourself dressed in an exuberant parrot print. An absolute statement piece and in all honesty not the easiest to work with in the mix and match pile. Details that got me were the gathered neckline, low back and the little sash that gives it all shape just the way you want it. Stayed away from over the top floral print clashing to avoid looking like a walking ad for the wildlife park and instead played it simple with slouchy black culottes - which apparently are the next big thing. Not that you have to follow trends or anything. 

And if you're a sucker for fine, fine jewellery (high-five!), Petite Grand will leave you lost for words.

Photography by Thomas Lo
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  1. Wow, you pull off the colours so well! And the photography is absolutely beautiful too.
    On a side note, its lovely to meet a fellow musician on the blogosphere :)
    Life is so much sweeter for the music that we make.
    I hope you'll come visit me.
    xx Michelle

    1. Oh, thank you! Could not imagine life without my music ;) thanks for stopping by the blog Michelle x

  2. Stunning colorrsss.


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