Friday 8 November 2013


Soy Chai, Banana Hotcakes, Bagel with Trout at The Fair Foodstore

My Instagram feed is a clear giveaway that I have a soft spot for brunches (the whole cafe experience, really), and a compelling need to document my gastronomical adventures in photo form. And Melbourne's just about the perfect environment for that but given the rate at which new places spring up (I thank Broadsheet for keeping me wise), a quick online search before trying a new place is a must to avoid the regular egg and bacon menu. 

A close friend vouched for the incredibility of The Fair Foodstore's hotcakes. FLUFFIEST IN MELBOURNE, she said. They were indeed fairly fluffy, although I would have loved an indulgent caramelised banana concoction instead of fresh ones. I might have also gone a little gaga over the mini honey jar and accompanying dipper. And despite the slightly overpriced trout bagel it was a cozy little space that catered to our 4pm hunger pangs and kept us away from the mini storm brewing outside. We also enjoyed studying closely their Scandinavian-inspired interior and inventive decor. 

So I quote one of the most awe-inspiring musicians I have had the pleasure of working and learning with - 'Please do not photograph your lunch. Just eat it.' 

Guilty as charged.

Photos by me
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  1. Melbourne has the best cafes I must say! :) I have yet to visit this cafe, must give this one a go when I'm back next :)

    accidental encounters

    1. haha i definitely agree with you :) this one's pretty much in the middle of nowhere but defs a lovely little space worth a visit x


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