Friday 8 June 2012

Gelato, anyone?

Mint knit; Ellery Textured Pants; Zara Heels; Rubi Beanie; DIY Friendship Bracelet

This outfit was honestly put together in a hurry, and as I walked out of the house I realised I might have looked like a delicious mix of peppermint choc chip gelato and berry sorbet. Strangely it grew on me. Found this mint knit at a garage sale and this gorgeously cute beanie with a pom pom top for only 5 bucks! I love anything textured so these Ellery pants jumped out at me at their Melbourne sample sale a month or two back. Green and pink are probably an unconventional colour mix but thought they worked pretty well, being in softer pastel shades. Oh! I also had a little friendship bracelet phase a couple weeks back (the repetition involved in making them was rather therapeutic) and am wearing one in a pastel coloured mix. 

Pleasantly surprised too when the top photo made its way to ASOS Fashion Finder's homepage earlier this week :) What do you think - what other gelato/sorbet-inspired outfit combinations would you come up with?

Photos by Thomas Lo
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  1. Gorgeous colour combo. Those pants are amazing, Ellery can do no wrong!

  2. Love the top, looks super warm and a lovely colour!xx

  3. That first photo is perfect! And yes you look all kinds of yummy though it's waaaay too cold for ice cream. Wait it's never too cold for ice cream! Lovely look Nicole

  4. sometimes the last minute looks are the best! i love it !


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