Tuesday 19 June 2012


Mango Oversized Knit; Op-shopped and partially-DIYed dress; Topshop Suede Booties; MAC Prolong Lipcreme

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon the wonderful blog a pair & a spare, crammed full of creative yet  seemingly simple DIYs I just couldn't get enough of. I was, to say the least, obsessed, and in fact, inspired enough to try a few things for myself! How hard could it be? I thought. 

I proceeded to attempt this skirt from scratch in lilac (hand-sewn, no less, although to a far less-polished result), and even cropped the sleeves off an op-shopped-shirt in attempt to make this (but discovered hand-sewing armholes was way beyond me). Well, I still thought I was pretty good at DIY (clearly delusional) and decided to make my own fishtail/high-low skirt! So I grabbed this maxi dress I got from an op shop, went on a little frenzy with the scissors, then realised I was faced with the impossible task of hemming it up by hand; even a sewing machine if I had one. I left it unfinished for the longest time, till I got some domesticated help with finishing the hem flawlessly - I couldn't be more impressed!

Layered it simply with a drapey oversized knit, then with my favourite furry knit later that night when temperatures plunged. I wish I had pics to show, but here's where you can piece it together with your imagination :) Layered slouchy and comfy winter dressing that borders on hobo, but kept it chic with a bit of gold-plated detail on these Topshop booties. Hobo-chic, that is.

P.S. Have you seen my finalist entry at ASOS Fashion Finder? It would really mean a lot to me if I could have your vote here! Thank you x

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  1. That looks fantastic! I love the layering! I am like that too with my DIY attempts. I still have a small pile of half cut-up, sewn bits and pieces that make me feel guilty whenever I see them for never completing it! One day I will haha. xx danii


    1. Thanks Dani! DIYs are so tempting and easy to get started on, but takes true patience to finish it (or at least I find anyway)! xx

  2. I love a pair & a spare too! Geneva makes it all look so easy...but I'm sure it's not. looks like it turned out well.

    maddie x


    1. Thanks Maddie, I did have a lil bit of help on it :) and yes, love Geneva's work! xx


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