Saturday 9 June 2012

Let's meet: Halcyon State

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I met the lovely Leigh Gibson at Fashionopolis last month, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was behind the Melbourne-based online store Halcyon State. I had browsed their website prior to our initial meeting, and loved the varied range of Australian and New Zealand designers available. From Shakuhachi and House of Wilde, to Chip Chop! and Mad Love, Halcyon State brings you the glamourous, the quirky, and everything in between to suit your style and occasion. I pop her a few questions..

What do you look for when you're sourcing items for your store?
Halcyon State is about special pieces for your wardrobe so when I see new designer collections, it is important that every item has an x-factor. Who knows what that might be, but I am excited when every piece arrives because each one is uniquely special and appeals to different parts of my personality.

Are there any designers in particular you're loving at the moment?
If I don't love the designer, they don't appear in my store, but I have been wearing a Joveeba leather jacket, Totomoto Australia medallion and Estilo Emporio biker boots almost every day since they each arrived. Is that love? The current Tato and Memi collection is stunning with the mix of white silk/linen blend with gold tweed, Shakuhachi is amazing and Chip Chop! have easy fit pieces with just the right touch of quirk and playfulness.

What special services can your customers look forward to?
I often chat to customers before or after a purchase to confirm sizing  and fit prior to sending out parcels. Every purchase made from Halcyon State is enclosed in a silk drawstring bag (made by my mum or I! :) because I want your unwrapping experience to be special. Customers in Melbourne can call and arrange to visit the office to try pieces on too. The shop phone number is 0457 888 758.


Please take my word that the silk drawstring bags made by Leigh and her mum are beautiful! In various prints and sizes according to your order, it is definitely a pretty personal touch that makes receiving your order all the more exciting! We also teamed up in a photoshoot and I can't wait to share my fave picks from the store - stay tuned and enjoy your long weekend x

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