Wednesday 7 August 2013

Life in Instasquares

1. Homemade 'modern' tacos - thats panko-crusted miso tofu right there. 2. Enough of this wintery business - come to me, Spring! 3. Showing off my perfect pedicure. 4. This orange-chocolate cake will satisfy any orange-chocolate skeptics out there. 5. Zara. Shoes. Discounts. 6. From the @projectanon_ instagram: violinist Joshua Bell brought me to tears, literally. Some of the most amazing music ever. 7. Frosty Melbourne. 8. Tacos & a shroom burger at Village Melbourne (Camberwell Market for food trucks, pretty much) 9. Playing the occasional flatlay game - something weirdly satisfying about being to organise multiple things in a visually-appealing manner.

I apologise for my mini blog hiatus - things have been crazy around here. If you're following on instagram you might have seen snippets of @projectanon_ around the place. What is this anon. thing, you ask?! Well, as the little tagline to the right suggests - pianist by day, fashionista by night. I have co-founded a performing group by the very 21st-century name of anon. and I urge you to visit our newly launched website whether or not the thought of Classical Music has ever crossed your mind! What we're aiming to do, in fact, is to encourage collaboration amongst the younger generation of creative minds, including fashion and art, to create an experience that is visual as much as aural. 

I'd truly, truly love to hear your thoughts both as non-muso or muso so hit me up below or on Twitter or something.

Oh, and outfit posts are making they're way back on the blog, I promise! Perhaps some food journaling as well..

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