Monday 26 August 2013


Saba cami, Zara flowy trench, True Religion jeans via Shopbop, Zara heels, Her Fashion Box scarf

Give me something oversized and flowy and immediately you've got my attention. Doing my yearly rounds at Zara's sales in Singapore with my mother, she didn't quite understand the appeal of this thing that was 'too big for you' - how are you going to wear it?! She then proceeded to wrap it around herself and tied it up so that it resembled one of the those bathrobes you get at swanky, luxurious resort hotels.

But I love it. There's a myriad of ways I would love to wear it and unfortunately Melbourne's weather has not as yet allowed me to explore it to its full potential. But here, dressed down (or up, go figure?) in an all white ensemble was a simple way to take it for a test run, much the opposite of the previous print & colour pineapple attack. I also experimented with wearing this scarf as a chic little neckpiece, a cute little gift from Her Fashion Box, in which I am their  featured Guest Blogger of the Month, and the first time I am seeing anything blog-related in print.

It seems like this blog is seeing updates every Tuesday now (seeing as it's my only day I'm able to catch a breather, I'm working on that..) but that gives us a reason to be instagram friends, hey?

Photography by Thomas Lo
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  1. Beautiful white on white.

    1. so much love and so perfect seeing as the weather here is warming up! x

  2. Wow!
    gorgeous! LOVE your haircut! super cute!


    1. you noticed! thank you :) am actually loving this shorter length more than i thought i would x

  3. Love the outfit, it suits you so well and it looks so sophisticated! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award, go and check out my blog for the instructions

    xx Maylis

  4. Gorgeous!xx


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