Saturday 31 August 2013


Bec & Bridge blazer and tee, Ellery skirt, Zara boots

You know your life's been a little out of whack when dinner happens after 10pm more than half the week and you find yourself thinking a gazillion thoughts at any given time while bolting out of the house, hair dishevelled, quick snack in hand. I can't believe how quickly time has flown - looking back at these shots from a couple months ago, my hair seems incredibly long, and it's hard to imagine now how I ever managed to deal with almost-waist-length hair for over 3 straight years prior. That aside, let's talk classic colour combinations. Red and black are my absolute favourites, hands down - whether in a on a pop lip, or statement shoes, or in this case, a smart siren-red blazer. 

Currently obsessed with THESE Baroque swirl sunnies - Vision Direct, you tease.

Photography by Liz McLeish
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