Saturday 10 August 2013

Taco Night!

We decided to try our hand at food photography with tacos. Lots of it. They had popped up on my Instagram a good while ago so I thought I might share them up here for a bit of a change.

I do love my food. And more recently, have rekindled my love for actually MAKING it in my own kitchen. On my way to domesticated goddess status.

While I am NO food expert, what I tend to do (with savoury meals anyway, baking on the other hand is apparently a bit of a science) is improvise - based on what I see on food blogs, in magazines, on Masterchef masterclasses (yes they are pretty helpful!) - and come up with a slight variation of my own. Who has time for tedious recipes, right?

So here you see an assortment of fillings - 
1) Panko-crusted miso tofu - flour, egg+miso, panko, pan, in that order
2) Oven-baked snapper
3) Garlic & parsley prawns 

..a simple salsa, and the all important guacamole - I LOVE mine with loads of lime (or lemon) juice, salt & pepper in there. You might, or you mightn't.

Sooo yeah, dinner for 2 (or 10)! What do you think of seeing some food/lifestyle posts on this space? x

Photography by Thomas Lo
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