Tuesday 13 August 2013

Snood Up!

Carrie & Moss Dress, Zara heels

I have really come to love and appreciate the understated elegance of a knee-length dress. Tailored so that it nips in at the waist and with a pencil skirt that is all about business and refinement. Nothing oversized, nor drapey, nor ridiculously printy - all of which, you might have noticed, are areas I seem to instinctively veer towards. It really makes it hard then when I have to put together something 'proper', or semi-professional. As I have repeatedly mentioned to my close friends: my corporate wardrobe is non-existent.

In fact, I reckon this Carrie & Moss bridesmaid piece strikes middle-ground - team with black points and you get a lovely classic outfit I highly doubt anyone could find fault with, or play up the colour factor with printed heels that made my jaw-drop, quite literally. And a snood. It felt right.

Recent brunch hangout: The Grain Store

Photography by Thomas Lo
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  1. Wow, I never would've guessed that was a bridesmaid dress! I absolutely love how you paired it with those heels by the way, they're gorgeous :)

  2. Looking super gorgeous! Those shoes are just absolute perfection :O xx



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