Monday 30 April 2012

Prelude to Violet & I

A few weeks ago I met with Anna Linklater, designer of Melbourne-based label Violet & I. It's a beautiful label that embraces the feminine aesthetic with a touch of bohemian influence. Long flowy maxis and vibrant prints feature beside neutral tones and thick knits in the current A/W12 collection,  'Cold Mountain'. I loved how naturally elegant the pieces looked and decided to do a little something with them - can't wait to reveal what I got up to!

Sunday 29 April 2012


My love affair with Mossman started over a year ago when I casually walked into the QV store, lured in by splashes of bright chiffons and high waist suedes I had spotted through the store window. There was no turning back - I was pleasantly surprised by the affordable price point and great fashion-forward designs; I left the store scratching my head over how I hadn't previously heard of them, and proceeded to stalk and drool over the lustworthy pieces on their website.

Alice from Catwalk of Words and I have teamed up to bring you our personal take on some of the wonderful pieces you can currently find in store. In my opinion, Mossman has really upped their game this year and has already in 4 months delivered a number of themed collections. I decided to take advantage of the sheer range from the latest collections available instore, to style two outfits that are a reflection of my personal style.


This cropped top could have easily been overlooked, but I am easily drawn towards dots/spots of various sizes and LOVE playing with textures in an outfit! This sheer number with huge velvet spots sat adorably on its hanger and was yelling out for me! Styled this with a suede high waist swing skirt that fans out beautifully and added hints of colour with pink lips, teal platforms and neon green Diana.

I have plans to HUNT DOWN a pair of high waist pants in mini polka dot print to go with this top. (Spotted a Gorman pair a couple months back but foolishly placed it back on the rack. Oh, how it would have been perfect for a double dotted dress-up!)

Check out Alice's style too here and stay tuned for the second batch of shots, coming right up! 

Saturday 28 April 2012

Hello, let's be friends.

Hey folks, I'm Nicole.

Blankbird was set up really just for me to have a go at writing - about my personal style, my hunt for new/delicious/exciting eats, and as a promise to myself when I turned 21, my bout of travel to see a little more of the world.

I have up till now been on tumblr, but it seemed like all the cool kids were on blogspot and I was missing out, so here I am! You can still check out my tumblr here, but that's going to hold just pictures from now on.

And before we move on to bigger and more exciting things, all photos on this page (unless otherwise stated) are taken by Thomas Lo.

It's been a wonderful and eye-opening journey so far, and I honestly can't wait to see how the rest of it all unfolds. It'll be a pleasure to have you come along with me so please, drop a note to say hi!


Thursday 26 April 2012


Jordan Jeans in Blur Check, courtesy of Motel Rocks; Review Sheer Blouse; Tony Bianco Booties; ASOS Sequin Clutch

I have officially developed an increasingly unhealthy obsession with printed pants. These ones literally sent my heart racing the second I tore open the package and laid eyes on them! Motel Rocks takes a youthful and vibrant approach to their designs and this electrifying print in a combination of bright pink, green, blue and yellow certainly pushes all the right buttons. For me at least. Admittedly I probably wouldn't have been game enough to wear this a couple years back, but right now seems like the most exciting piece of clothing I own!

Paired it with my equally striking sequin clutch for a print clash to amp up the razzle dazzle factor, but kept the rest of my outfit simple with blacks. 

These Jordan Jeans come in a variety of prints, and are honestly, ridiculously comfortable. This particular print will be released in stores within the next couple of weeks! Be the first ones to check them out over at The Iconic, or hunt down your nearest David Jones and Glue stores to try them on for yourselves!

Challenge: To style these pants in a whole new light on my next wear.

Many thanks to Karina and Motel Rocks for organising this little package.