Tuesday 28 August 2012


Jeans and lace-up shoes from ASOS, Zara knit, H&M bag, Bracelet from Mocha Accessories, Orelia necklace via ASOS, Minkpink sunnies

Definitely a comfy go-to-uni-and-run-around-the-city-all-day kind of outfit. Also featuring my best attempt to pull an alien face in oversized shades. I have made the discovery just this winter (apparently the coldest in 17 years) that jeans/pants offer comparatively more warmth than tights do. Better late than never. Felt like I was a bit over bright colour clashes and clown pants, and needed a more subtle colour for a change. Cue these ASOS lilac lovelies - while the stitching on the back pockets of this particular pair wasn't quite up to par, they more than make up for it in terms of comfort and affordability. And remember my first mention of Orelia? I decided I needed more of their pretty, delicate things and was delighted to find some of their exclusive designs for ASOS :) 

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Monday 27 August 2012


Saturday night, what usually passes as a quiet space for hungry students i.e. Garage Cafe was transformed into a energetic, colourful display of creative and crafty people - otherwise known as the Mister Mode Night Market. For sale was everything from handmade cards, buttons and gluten-free cupcakes, to studded denim vintage, cheap second-hand buys and laser-cut accessories. I had a chat with the boys who create portable sound systems in the form of vintage suitcases, as well as the lovely Charmaine who owns online store Bias Supply and whose Romance was Born printed pants I am quite a fan of (refer to 8th pic). Amongst the stallholders were Sevan of Seven Autumn Leaves showcasing her unique laser-cut designs, and Anastasia of Stasia Fox who provided me with a delish peanut butter cupcake that was my sustenance for the night! Upon closer look I found myself a mesh + gold sequinned dress for 10 bucks, and if not for my lack of cash would have left with a whole new outfit (or two).

It was the last Mister Mode market of the year and I was pleased to have popped by. Fingers crossed for the next event to be even bigger and better.

On another note, I am looking forward to the Melbourne Zimmerman warehouse sale with much anticipation.. Yes it is a little messy and the reduced prices skew your judgement a little.. but we'll see x

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Wednesday 22 August 2012


H&M top, Zara cardi, Asos skirt/bag/shoes

Evidently I am accumulating quite an ASOS collection - it really can't be helped when prices are that low and designs seemingly endless. White accessories have shot right to the top of my love list at the moment, and this simple little bag with its clean lines ticks all the right boxes. How about a pair of white heels too? I have also realised I quite naturally steer towards warmer tones of reds and pinks. Perhaps it's just my way of willing the neighbour's beautiful flowers to start blooming already!

P.S. Something for your diaries: Mister Mode Fashion Night Market, this Sat 3-10pm. 
WIN 2 TICKETS HERE. Guaranteed to be packed full of vintage goodies, delicious nibbles and live music x

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Tuesday 21 August 2012


It should come as no surprise for now my love for market trooping, finding random holes-in-walls and discovering cool stuff in little alleyways. This Saturday I am going to be doing just that.

Judging by the photos from the previous event, the Mister Mode Fashion Night Market promises heaps of colourful vintage, emerging designers, crafty goods, delicious treats, a bar, and even live music while you shop! I was so bummed I missed out on the previous pop-up, but am already counting down the days to the weekend, determined and ready to sniff out some awesome finds :) It's running for a good part of the day (3pm-10pm) in a convenient city location - no excuse to being lazy while there are bargains to be had! Who's with me?

Buy yourself a ticket or even better still, WIN TWO TICKETS for you and a friend to come along this Saturday! 

Simply shoot an email to nic.blankbird@gmail.com with your details! Entries close this Friday midnight.

Hope to see you all there x

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Sunday 19 August 2012


I don't think I have shared with you my love for Gorman. It started with this one pair of tutti frutti jeans which I well and truly fell in love with, yet for some reason put off the purchase.. until it was no longer to be found in stores. Biggest regret ever. 

Since then I have been eagerly sussing out the prints from each collection, and Gorman's Spring/Summer 12/13 collection definitely doesn't disappoint! These are my favourite outfits from the lookbook and while I do realise that bright colour, sequins and clashing kaleidoscopic prints all in the one outfit isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea, Gorman just does it so incredibly well! And with such ease, I might add. 

Accessories of choice. 

THOSE BOOTS - seeing it on this flat screen does it no justice at all. I skipped into store after spying it in the window, and on closer look realised it was no mere print but instead, embroidered fabric. I literally let out a gasp (probably closer to an embarassing squeal) of excitement. You would've seen these show up on my instagram (@nicoletj) too. Mindblown. 

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Thursday 16 August 2012


Witchery tank, Zara shirt, ASOS pants and shoes, Orelia necklace, Bracelet from somewhere

Yes I do realise watermelons aren't usually pink.. but just humour me for a sec. It honestly excites me greatly each time the sun stays up for a good part of the day and offers a glimpse of spring/summer. Flowers around are almost starting to bloom - always a feel-good sight. This outfit in hindsight gives off a casual weekend kind of vibe - the simple tank, loose silk shirt, cuffed sleeves, laceless shoes.. I do also enjoy my pops of colour and here it is in the form of a well-worn $15 online purchase that happens to be in the most strikingly gorgeous of pinks. 

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Sunday 12 August 2012


Dorothy Perkins dress, Twocoathangers vintage blazer, Topshop boots, Minkpink sunnies

As you can tell.. I'm really enjoying my gorgeous red scooter up there.

If only.

This checkered blazer was a vintage buy off eBay store twocoathangers quite awhile back when I was on my eBay craze phase. Admittedly I don't think I've worn it in the past year, but it struck me that checks were a cool complement to this sweet polka dot dress I picked up in London a month ago :) The sun decided to come out of hiding on the day and so did these oversized shades. I also realise I have a thing for tortoise-shell.

Following this I had lunch at this cute cozy little Japanese cafe Aka Siro in Collingwood. Simple orderly interior decor, delicious homey food. I'm so glad I'm making the effort to try new eateries since being back in Melbourne! Perhaps an attempt to still feel like I'm travelling and exploring new places?

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