Sunday 23 March 2014


As far as Fashion Weeks go, I am most certainly far from being a well-seasoned pro - though my trip to MBFWA last year was a major eye-opener to these industry events and the ridiculous amount of attention street-style photographers paid towards the 1) high-profiled and/or 2) wacky. VAMFF in Melbourne is a slightly different scene - being a consumer event you get anyone and everyone. From the usual bloggers and photographer suspects, your high school fashionistas and budding fashion design students, to the mature and sophisticated types, indie rocker chicks and the guy who looked like he just rolled out of bed and got dressed in ladies' pants that were two sizes too small. All in all, it makes for a pretty fascinating people-watching experience. 

I'm not about to rave about each and every outfit that I saw over the few days that I was there, but these are curated snapshots of styles that I'd love to wear myself or genuinely caught my eye.

1. Sunset over Docklands
2. Top-to-toe florals, and a slouched beanie - so much perfection in this
3. Low backs over low fronts, any day.
4. Tailored harem pants, and that dusty lilac fedora. Casual chic in the colour combination of the moment. (Divine Wanderer) 
5. Mix your prints in black & white - always a winner. (Lionlion Bazaar)
6. Super feminine florals and a grin to match (The 3000 Chapter)
7. The ever so stylish Gary Pepper girl. Just a little bit smitten.
8. Models off-duty in a bit of grunge
9&10. She made her own dress and I loved it. This young lady will be one to watch! (Stephanie Alyce)
11. Sunsets and the Bolte. Nothing like the San Francisco Bay Bridge but still magical all the same.

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Photos by myself
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Tuesday 18 March 2014


Much like an early morning yoga session, freshly brewed camomile tea, and light-streamed white washed bedrooms, the Lindy Klim x Viktoria & Woods collaboration, or anything V&W for that matter, beautifully embodies the purity and that clarity of mind that comes out of understated simplicity.

The 20-piece capsule collection is Lindy's first foray into fashion, and such a natural extension of V&W's existing offering. There are structured wool coats and boyfriend denim, sleek leather skirts and relaxed cotton designs - clean cuts and classic pieces that allow for versatility in an effortless kind of way. I sure am looking forward to further similar collaborations.

And as with any launch event, the vibe of the place is just about as important as the clothes themselves and this was one I truly enjoyed. A pop up coffee cart by Lovebird Cafe and FINN cold-pressed juice just about sealed the deal for me. 

Thank you bonelpr & Viktoria & Woods for having me.

Photos by myself

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Monday 3 March 2014


The Shakuhachi Cruise Collection  was one that I absolutely lusted over at MBFWA almost a year ago now. It was an explosion of print perfection in a fresh spin on cuts that weren't entirely predictable - structured yet exceedingly feminine with bustier tops and wispy skirts, clean shifts and subtle cut-outs. Don't even get me started on the sunglasses.

It was love at first sight.

The Winter 2014 collection builds on this in similar florals except with a darker, edgier feel - a bit of street-meets-ladylike glamour - and this organza skirted piece has just shot straight to the top of my lust list. Sinful indulgence.

Wearing Shakuhachi dress and sunglasses, Tony Bianco heels, Jolie & Deen necklace

Photography by Thomas Lo

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