Friday 28 June 2013

Sleeves: Round Two

Kookai jacket, Sportsgirl tee, Jolie & Deen and Lovisa necklaces, Asos pants, Steve Madden heels

First tweed, now leather - who would've thought that sleeves made such a difference? Imagine if jackets were made with interchangeable, detachable sleeves. Or if you could do that with your heels - like these reflective stilettos that magically blend into their surroundings for a bit of an optical illusion. Just imagine, the world would be a rather different place, wouldn't it? 

On a side note: my post-exam life has officially started! Leaving me with much time to obsess over other things like 1) delicious, superfood breakfasts (case in point: this chia seed bowl), 2) fish tacos and 3) those little 'sticker' things on Facebook messenger that are probably one of the cutest things in the world. 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Wednesday 26 June 2013


#1: Jolie & Deen dress, Asos shirt, Zara boots
#2: CO by Cotton On jumper, Blank NYC jeans, Lovisa necklace, Steve Madden heels

A handful of beautiful mornings ago, Sebastian and I thought we'd be crazy kids, prance around the pier and get a few shots in while dark clouds loomed and the skies threatened to unleash their mighty prowess upon us. An easy denim chambray shirt over one of my favourite J&D prints yet for #1 and snapping back into the cold realities of knit-necessary weather in #2. Current inner contradictions in outfit form. On the plus side though, I got a polaroid! 

Photography by Sebastian Petrovski
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Monday 24 June 2013


Sportsgirl tee, jacket and pants c/o Boohoo, Asos heels, Orelia necklace

This weekend has seen me (finally) win the battle with my books. How students are able to, or attempt to, absorb a semester's worth of information during these weeks escapes me - unless of course you are incredibly diligent throughout semester.  It's a serious case of willpower. Much like the herculean effort it takes to get through the first few morning runs of your new & revised fitness plan. 

Melbourne has been downright frosty of late - 1 degree mornings, whuut?! I don't even fathom. Everyday mysteries aside, let's look at this tweed-sleeved jacket that managed to trip up my brother enough he had to take a closer look to confirm that the sleeve was indeed attached to the rest of the jacket's white body. Gotcha! I styled these pieces up for a special Boohoo feature that should be hitting the world wide web soonish, but you see it here first! Sticking to a simple colour mix I loved the casual vibe and subtle play on textures (get friendly with brocade), nothing ridiculous :)

And now I free you from my 2am ramblings. This coming weekend could not get here any sooner. 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Wednesday 19 June 2013


Carrie & Moss Dress, Asos beanie, RMK shoes

The lovely Cathy behind Carrie & Moss challenged me to take some bridesmaid dresses on a casual, everyday spin. Challenge accepted, I said. 

Somehow I have managed to get through 22 years of my life without having been to a single, proper wedding. The real deal - the ones with beautiful invites and equally beautiful set-ups, the bride in the dress of her dreams and an adorable flower girl to follow, a day with glorious sunshine, flowers all around, a good-lookingly delicious 3-course, and merry dances into the night. Never. BUT. We all have pieces in the closet that were perfect for a particular single occasion, but are otherwise strangely inappropriate for anything else ever. That dress you wore to your high-school formal, cocktail party, 21st, friend's 21st, engagement party.. you get my drift. 

I chose to dress this one down in a cool street-cat kind of way (not sure if that even makes sense but it felt right); a glaringly red beanie to offer just enough off-duty slouch to a one-shoulder ruffled dress. And shoes of choice: super slick, shiny patent Oxfords, no less. 

So give all those 'perfect' pieces in our wardrobes another chance now. Even better, go crazy on insta (#blankbird) and share your ingenius reinventions x

 Photography by Thomas Lo
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Saturday 15 June 2013


Asos blouse, Portmans blazer, Zara pants, RMK heels, Orelia necklace

Let's talk harem

I am aware they've got a bit of a bad rep, and while there is a large selection of badly proportioned ones out there, they are by far my favourite style of pants - fitted around the waist, slouchy around the legs, tapered around the ankles. I love the absolute comfort and freedom of movement (I clearly cannot deal with restriction) - more so than the comfiest of skinny jeans would ever allow. Major brownie points for Zara's slinky material that feels so incredibly luxe on the skin. These ones are also incredibly versatile thanks to a non-attention-grabbing geometric print, and takes me from low-key loungey (cozy jumper and beanie pairings) to something a little cleaner - transformed easily with the help of a particular crisp white blazer and slim pointy heels. These pants are indeed my feel-good pants. 

So believe me when I say to all you harem-skeptics out there: your wardrobe certainly isn't complete till you find your perfect pair of harem pants. Everything that I've just rambled on about will fall into place then ;)

Photography by Street Smith
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Thursday 13 June 2013


Asos jumper, Kookai skirt, Windsor Smith sneakers, Sportsgirl beanie

I recall a phase I had a couple of years back where all I had in my wardrobe was variations of black, white and grey - indeed remember being quite chuffed with myself for having such versatile pieces that lent themselves easily to clever and convenient layering. Fast forward a few years and my take on black & white dressing has certainly evolved and never seems complete without a touch of print. And by 'touch' I clearly mean a healthy double dose (the same way Jamie Oliver recommends simply a 'pinch' of salt) enough to make passers-by wonder for a second if I knew what I was wearing..

 Photography by Thomas Lo
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Wednesday 5 June 2013

Feline Floral

Print dress & vest c/o August St, Asos sunnies, Topshop belt around wrist, Windsor Smith sneaker wedge

In hindsight, the triple feline reference in this outfit is a little ironic, seeing as I am not much of an animal person. It's more of an awkward unfamiliarity, as opposed to a strong dislike - white, fluffy little puppies I can handle, but anything beyond that admittedly leaves me just a little bit clueless. Not that it has anything to do with me loving the occasional leopard print (I'm sure you leopard loving ladies out there don't have pet leopards in your backyards either) or two. Chuck that on over a bunch of grungy florals, strap on a pair of the world's most comfortable sneaker wedge, and you'll have me testing out even more of my (slightly rusty) dance moves. Nothing like a good ol' shake to keep you sane sometimes ;)

 Photography by Thomas Lo
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Sunday 2 June 2013

Shades of the Lack of it

Kookai sequin jacket and skirt, Sportsgirl tee, Tony Bianco booties, Decjuba bag

I woke up this morning to a bunch of ' Mondays are dreadful' posts on my Instagram feed. It baffled me, and I can't say it did anything to inspire me to feel better about Mondays - not that I had anything against it in the first place. Thoughts about negativity aside, a new brekky discovery to kickstart the week: a good sprinkling of cinnamon in my warm morning bowl of oats + soy is genius and makes it taste somewhat like a cross between a soy chai latte and oatbran muffins. And I love my oatbran muffins, the ones with apples & cranberries in them. I'd even share the easy-peasy recipe if you'd like ;)

So I might have been throwing more colours and even more prints in your screens of late, but sometimes shades of the lack of it do brilliantly to assure your brother that you're not just some crazy print lady. A black sequin jacket is (almost) as wonderfully versatile as a white blazer, easily dressed down for day with a textured skirt - I love a flared shape to keep things light and breezy. And beanies! My favourite accessory all winter-long and my collection is certainly growing. Shout out if you have any great suggestions, my head will thank you for it. 

 Photography by Thomas Lo
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