Monday 30 July 2012


There's a beautiful sense of familiarity being back in Melbourne, and having internet on-the-go is something I've come to appreciate very much. Uni's slowly but steadily heading back into full swing and the ridiculous chill (isn't it meant to be easing up already?!) finds me indoors flicking through travel pics, wishing I were still discovering new sights for myself and soaking up the atmosphere at the London Olympics! 

I was eager and ready to do some exploring after being quite sick and miserable for 3 days, so I hopped on a train to visit the seaside town of Brighton, UK. It was a lively, colourful and bustling place; much bigger than I'd expected. The pier, packed full of arcade games, amusement park rides, lolly stores made it quite a kids paradise. Walk along the pebble beach and you'll see stands selling fresh seafood. Head further inland and you'll find The Lanes, where you can easily get lost in a myriad of cafes and vintage stores. Excuse the over-enthusiastic cheesy grin up there, I literally let out an audible gasp when I saw those white shoes, only to realise they were about 5 sizes too small..

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Friday 27 July 2012

Londontown: Signs and Salads

So I haven't really managed to figure out a coherent way of putting together my pictures from London, but here are some places/food/things that really stood out to me!

I've taken a strange liking to handwritten food signs. I would have gladly gobbled up some 'fluffy caramel nougat' if not for the fact that I was quite sick at the time. This was at Borough Market - foodie heaven located right next to London Bridge!  There was lots to see, from stinky cheese to seasalt caramel ice cream to spanish cured meats. Take a friend along!

I had heard heaps about the Portabello Markets, and being one of the first markets I'd visited I was expecting heaps of stalls/stores, lots of vintage goodies, and lots of people.  To be honest I found it rather underwhelming, but perhaps that's because I wasn't there on a weekend?

Ottolenghi came highly recommended by a food-loving couple friend of mine - 'BEST SALADS EVER,' they raved. Named after Iserali chef Yotan Ottolenghi (yes, I did my research), this little space in Notting Hill has in its display window an enticing spread of delicate cakes and pretty blueberry cupcakes. Step in and you are greeted with generous mounds of salads - I wasn't entirely sold by the look of the ready-made salads, and at the 13£ I paid for a compact takeaway box, it seemed just a little pricey. But, the roasted eggplant was literally melt-in-your-mouth; the dressing on the seared tuna packed a punch, and I don't know what magic combination of herbs and spices went into that couscous salad but it was ridiculously delicious! Worth. Every. Penny. I now regret not purchasing his autographed cookbook..

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Wednesday 25 July 2012

OUTFIT: Tennis Red

 Zara Silk Blouse, Motel Rocks Tennis Skirt, Sussan Cardi; Zara Heels, Orelia Seashell Necklace via Topshop

While the weather was in fact pretty kind when I deemed this outfit appropriate, it's now definitely plunged back into a chilly, miserable cold.. In any case, pulled together these fairly basic pieces for a 'casual chic' look - is that what you'd call it? Red lips and toes were a sweet accompaniment to pairing a slightly oversized silk blouse with Motel's simple tennis skirt in cheery bright red. A lovely piece like that that sits on the waist would go nicely with a cropped top for a bit of sport luxe, if that's your thing at all. Found this little Orelia seashell necklace amongst the jewellery madness at Topshop Oxford Circus, and fell in love with their sweet and delicate designs. And judging by the looks of my strappy heels, I'm reaaally hoping for warmer weather, sooner rather than later! 

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Sunday 22 July 2012

OUTFIT: Like a yellow flower

H&M Top; Dorothy Perkins Cardi; ASOS Midi Skirt; ASOS Shoes; Vintage bracelets

Finally back in Melbourne! One of the first things I did after getting over my jetlag was to head out for a leisurely Sunday brunch, and snap a few pics. Oh, did I miss the likes of smashed avo, herbed mushsies and poached eggs while away - Snow Pony truly did satisfy. 

Thankful it was somewhat sunny today - so, so over trudging around in winter boots and 5 (un)coordinated layers. The pink chiffon midi and vintagey button combination was heading in the direction of being a little too sweet for comfort and was definitely yelling for a pop of yellow to break it up! Got the sweet, delicate bracelets from some amazing markets in London and cannot wait to share more from Londontown

Cue the return of the outfit posts


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Wednesday 18 July 2012

TRAVEL: Europe Photo Diary

Lovers locks at Juliet's Balcony in Verona, Italy // Venetian Masks // Gondolas // The Grand Canal // Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy

What a view, from the Rhine Valley, Germany! // Lots of Dutch farmers' cheese // Adorable cow clogs

Bikes and canals in Amsterdam // Nutella cookbook - need I say more? // High-low black dress and Zara strappy heels that I can't wait to properly share!

Trotting around Europe has honestly been one of the best things I've ever done - such an eye-opening experience to see other cities and cultures, each distinctive in their own way in everything from landscape and architecture, to people, food and art! From getting ripped off at St Mark's Square in Venice, to staying a night in a castle, to bike-riding in the rain around Amsterdam.. there's so much more I'd like to see that I didn't get a chance to this time round, and I think I'd much prefer having a looksee in the summer instead of being uncomfortably cold all the time. Croatia, Greece, Spain and Portugal are next on my European list but that'll most definitely have to wait till Summer 2013, fingers crossed! 

Updates from London-town to come xx

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Tuesday 17 July 2012


Lauterbrunnen was BY FAR the most beautiful place I've ever been to. A town 800m above sea level in the Swiss Alps, we were surrounded by mountains, greenery, waterfalls, cute houses with veggie patches, ridiculously amazing flowers in every corner. It was unreal, and a very refreshing couple of days. A 2 hour train journey brought us to the top of Jungfrau, which at 3571m is the highest point in Europe! Was looking forward to the apparently amazing views which extend to most of France and Germany on a clear day, but unfortunately when we were there it seemed like a snowstorm was brewing instead.. Definitely visiting more of Switzerland, very soon!

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