Thursday 26 September 2013


SABA camisole, Portmans pants, Jolie & Deen necklace

The line 'Pianist by day fashionista by night' that you'll see on my business card holds truer now than ever before. The last couple of months have been an enormous learning curve for me - co-founding ANON. with my regular blog photographer Thomas (who incidentally is a violinist), organising the first of our concert series, and of course the practice and rehearsals that go into that behind-the-scenes is certainly trickier than one would expect. And we hope to introduce a fresher perspective to the common conventional perceptions of Classical music, showing that 1) it is NOT (contrary to popular belief) just for old people and 2) you don't need to be a trained muso to enjoy the experience. 

So naturally, it was sooner or later that we'd take our expertise in outfit shooting and put it to good use within a musical setting. Admittedly, concert attire is one I find exceptionally tricky - anything too form-fitting or short faces immediate elimination. And overestimate your ability to pedal with heels and you'll be left praying that you avoid a foot cramp.. till you get offstage, at least. Now let's hope I get that right this coming Sunday and Tuesday..! 

Photography by Eric Trinh
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Saturday 21 September 2013


Keepsake Turn Your Love Top via The Fashion Bunker, Asos pants and heels

I pose the question to you: Does time seem to pass quicker with each year that you get older? Because it sure seems that way for me. 2013 has been lightning quick - I mean, we're less than 10 days away from October..! That I don't comprehend. Perhaps, all that time spent food styling for Instagram, pounding the piano keys in rehearsal with ANON. and collaborative brainstorming in between catching up with assignments does leave you little time to realise that the days are indeed flying by. I have finally taken to the peplum (I know, it's only been around for 2 years now, but like I said, time flies), with a criss-cross scaffold of a back and a slit along the front. Details make an alarmingly positive difference. I also love the fact that these lime slouchy pants (read: trackies) make everyone in the vicinity wonder if I had perhaps just rolled out of bed and forgot to change my bottoms.. Heels help, though ;)

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Wednesday 11 September 2013


Keepsake dress, Marais USA sandals via Shopbop

If you are the owner of this lovely garden shed, pardon me for getting perhaps just a little too close to your property for your liking, but I hope that you do see why it played the perfect backdrop, right down to the whimsical slant of the clothesline and the way the scattered multi-coloured clothes pegs seem to complement this magical mirrored print dress. Melbourne's weather has again turned to chill and I have caught a cold, probably from stubbornly inappropriate summer dressing, but these (very strategically placed) cutouts were too good to pass up on, even for just another week. Cobalt blue - we have had our ups and downs. But in small accented doses it's a beautiful partnership and we're fairly smooth-sailing right now.. 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Tuesday 10 September 2013


I am actually shamefully hopeless when it comes to illustrations. But I'd imagine that if I were capable of wielding a pen in hand to come up with artfully drawn figures, this is what a Lindor-loving fashionista would look like. Now you need to know what Lindor is - those colourfully packaged little balls of smooth chocolatey goodness you find in Lindt cafes? I'd fill my room full of those if I could..! It's a love-love relationship.

Saturday 7 September 2013


Sportsgirl knit, Gorman pants, Topshop boots, Asos beanie

I love Gorman for the fact that they produce wonderfully printed pieces. I love Melbourne for the two days of sunshine and mild weather it gave us which made all of us skip with joy. Not so much for the fact that it's decided to plummet back into the mid-teens and snicker in our faces for doing so. It's a wonder that the weather is such a significant topic around here. I, for one, am certainly not feeling as bright and spirited as my above outfit seeks to convey (I blame the schizophrenic weather for my undoing) but hey, I had fun in the sun while it lasted, as short-lived as it might've been. So, yellow nails, a mish mash of multi-coloured confetti upon my legs and an oversized knit which I hail as the most comfortable piece I currently own. Or currently am aware that I own. Bring on the sunshine! 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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