Wednesday 28 November 2012

phoebe and lita

Saba Phoebe dress (in olive here); Jeffrey Campbell Litas; ASOS sunnies

I do this thing, where I see something I like, walk past it twice, decide to try it on, LOVE it, put it back on the rack, try it on twenty-three times after that, and by the time I decide that I'm ready to purchase it, it's nowhere to be found! Not in my size, not in all of Melbourne. Or Sydney. I had to ring up Brisbane.

Well you see, I had needed a dress for my recital. It was an almost impossible mission over the last couple of years, to find something that wasn't too fitted or too short, that had a decent neckline while still allowing me to breathe with ease, that when worn would sit comfortably without worry of falling straps or skirts riding up. Perhaps I had been looking in the wrong places? I don't know.

Saba had this dress in a gloriously vibrant orange print, or as a friend put it, 'oriental'. I loved it. Then I found it in good ol' black. Sleek. I wanted both and if you've met me and my indecisiveness, you'd know I was at a loss! Black was simple, slinky and sophisticated; the subtle ruched detail at the back and the asymmetrical hemline had me hooked, the neckline comfortably high and shoulders just a tad more cut-in. The perfect recital dress. 

So a few weeks (and conversations with myself) later, I quietened my mind and settled with the black - it'd work beautifully for a recital, dressed up for an important event, dressed down for casual cool, I rationalised. Of course, by then every other chick in Melbourne had already snagged this beauty for themselves, and I had to have it express posted. I'm wearing it here with these amaaaazing crochet JC Litas I was surprised with on my birthday! Truth be told, I honestly wasn't quite a fan of the 'Lita' platforms (those black ones), until I met this crochet fella. But that's another story for another day :)

Photos by Thomas Lo 
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Friday 23 November 2012

wish petals

Dress c/o Wish; ASOS heels

Maxi dresses are tricky things. Often they are too sack-like (i.e shapeless), too poofy, too tube-like you can barely put one foot in front of the other when walking, too long you end up tripping on your own hem..

This silk piece in a light, refreshing, almost-white shade of mint offers not only an a satisfying swish, but also adjustable tie-up details for a comfortably cinched waist.  Throw in a sweet scalloped neckline, let it sit low across the back with thin, delicate straps and you get a dreamy, ultra-feminine maxi I'd imagine worthy of being bridesmaids dresses at an outdoor garden wedding. We shot this atop a rocky cliff - nothing like donning a beautiful dress and feeling on top of the world, wind in your hair, fluttering petals in hand. And introduced a bit of dangerous fun after, putting our rock-climbing skills to the test ;)

I had intentions for my hair to look like this - braids, perfectly messy. Clearly my hairstyling skills aren't quite up to par yet!

Photos by Eric Trinh and Thomas Lo
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Tuesday 20 November 2012

black and white beauties

birthday in black and white

I'M FREEEEE! This birthday wishlist is the result of some late night Polyvore action, as well as having finished my recital and officially, my degree! I don't often feature black and white on this blog space but always, at some point, I feel the need to pare right back to (my version of) simple, classic basics.

1. Gorjana necklace - Delicate gold! Less is more :)
2) Rag & Bone booties - Crafty cut-outs to let your feet breathe even in summer.
3) 7 for all Mankind skinnies - There was a (long) time I avoided jeans; they just didn't quite sit with me. I have however come to appreciate their convenience and practicality, and realise that there are heaps more choices out there than plain blue denim!
4) Tony Bianco Fina sandal - Perfect summer sandal, no? I'm not gonna lie, as much as love my coral/lime/turquoise/colours, these ones will probably go with everything with a 'lazy holiday' vibe.
5) 3.1 Phillip lim Pashli Mini - Classic black, gold hardware. One day..

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Saturday 17 November 2012


Printed top and shorts by Dress Gallery via ASOS, Vintage belt from Camberwell Markets, Aldo hat, ASOS brogues

So what do you do when you come across a lusciously green hedge? Stick your hat in it somewhere and try to perfect the 'levitating gracefully with a floating hat' shot, of course. It's a little tricky, but nothing like trying and feeling like a little kid bouncing around sometimes, right? 

You might have spotted this previously on my little twosie edit, and it rather delighted me to find that these pieces were soft, light and comfy. I discovered this sweet French label on ASOS and adore the extra details in the tie-up back and subtle scalloped hem. I don't wear belts all too often but rummaged this market find out of my wardrobe to break up the up-and-down printyness. Even the perfect spring prints need a bit of breathing space!

Oh and the hat, also a bargain buy from London along with my floppy wide-brim one! Summer (and holidays) is near and I couldn't be happier. Just one recital to go now.. 

P.S. All you techies out there: Check out Chik - a newly launched iPad app showcasing bloggers from around the world and am very pleased to have BLANKBIRD be part of it too :)

Photos by Thomas Lo
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Tuesday 13 November 2012

I found a floppy hat

ASOS crop top, Miss Selfridge skirt, Zara heels, Aldo hat

Wow, my purchases from London way back in July are only starting to hit the blog now! I was pretty stoked to have scored this wide brim hat on my last day there for only £3.50 - 'for summer', I thought. Not one to usually wear hats (they usually sit a bit funny on my head), this one has somehow managed to win me over with its adequately-sized brim and just the right amount of flop! You always need a bit of flop. I had also been searching a wrap-front skirt for the longest time and funnily enough, found it only on the other side of the world. I have a serious soft spot for asymmetrical, cascading materials, and it excites me even more so to have it gently billowing around me, be it while walking, twirling, or prancing around in an unintentional MJ-inspired pose.

It also started spitting down on us while taking these photos but I am so thankful that Melbourne's finally almost warm enough to not feel like running straight into a warm bed the minute it pours. I do quite like the effect the raindrops have on the photos, though. And my first gif! 

Photos by Thomas Lo
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Saturday 10 November 2012

foodtrucks and colourpops

H&M top; Zara shorts; Jeffery Campbell platforms; NARS 'Schiap' Lipstick

FINALLY, the chance for a much highly-needed Sunday sleep-in, and some time and brain space to sip my green tea & honey, and blog, in peace.

The idea of a food truck has always appealed to me. No - not to start up a mobile cafe - no, but given a choice between a sit-down cafe and a portable food stall that has pulled up street side, offering choices as varied as pulled pork tacos and frozen yogurt, I'd choose the latter. So logically, I tracked down the owner of one and asked if we could loan it for some outfit photos.

I kid. We stumbled upon one in someone's front garden and I was about as thrilled as if they were actually offering delicious artisan gelato - Dulce de luche and pandan coconut, please. Here is yet another piece from my overflowing floral print collection - though mainly, I've noticed, on bottoms. For some (strange) reason, tops don't have the same appeal to me whilst browsing the endless racks of clothes online, resulting in a highly unbalanced, bottom-heavy wardrobe.

I scored these summer-worthy shorts on sale months ago in London! I really do enjoy the little mid/high-waisted shorts Zara does quite so frequently. This yellow top was a bargain purchase too over there, when surprise surprise, I realised that I didn't have enough tops in my small luggage to sustain my stay! Opted for a hot pink lip too to go with the colour pop :)

Lots more to come after exams and recitals and such. There might be a 'One piece, three ways' feature soon, or perhaps a giveaway in lieu of my birthday, even? I'd love to hear what you lovely people would like to see on this space!

Photos by Thomas Lo
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Sunday 4 November 2012

sheer florals, lace and shine

Decjuba dress; Zara lace shorts and heels; ASOS bag

Realisations this weekend: 1) My hair is long, and 2) floral prints are EVERYWHERE in my wardrobe. It's one of those things that somehow sneak up on you, no? 

I fell in love with this floral print the moment I spotted them on the discount rack one lazy afternoon. It also came as a skirt and a tank and honestly it took me way too long to decide which item I needed the most. One of the softest and smoothest silk pieces I own, this sheer dress has just the right amount of floral and flow and is practically begging to be taken on a island getaway! Wore it loosely tucked into some lace shorts and a subtle touch of glitter in these low Zara heels for a casual weekend blessed with lots of sunshine :) 

Photos by Thomas Lo
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