Tuesday 31 December 2013


Keepsake dress, Asos sweater, Tony Bianco boots

I apologise for my silence. 2013 has been a big year that has come and gone more quickly than I could've ever imagined. I had the privilege of heading up to Sydney for MBFWA, meeting countless young designers and creatives along the way, and working with some of my most loved labels around Australia. I (unfortunately) also owe the inconsistency of this blog to ANON. - a musical venture that both myself and my dedicated photographer co-founded and where we take on very different roles as pianist and violinist, with big dreams of involving young designers, artists and other creatives within our performance projects. 

Almost 3 weeks ago now I hopped on a plane the day after our last performance for the longest plane ride of my life. 30-odd hours later and we were in sub-zero temperatures of the most exciting place on earth, New York City. It was unreal seeing some of the biggest landmarks that you've only ever seen in movies. It was a place so culturally diverse and historically vibrant. It was also there that I realised there was a different between 'snowing' and 'freezing rain'. 

But more on that later. We visited the Guggenheim Museum on the weekend NYC had a freak bout of warmer weather. And I needed a day off from being bundled within layers of Uniqlo Heat Techs and 60% Wool Coats. So out came the one and only dress I brought along with me on this trip. Also, turtlenecks. The next big thing in Winter dressing.

Happy New Year everyone! 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Monday 9 December 2013


Top: lace dress by Melati de Jong, top and sheer skirt by Kara Liu

MY GREATEST APOLOGIES for leaving this space untouched. It has been a whirlwind of rehearsals, meetings, more rehearsals, brainstorming, and running around behind the scenes getting everything organised for ANON.'s second concert at the wonderfully Melbournian fortyfivedownstairs tomorrow evening! I don't know why I haven't shared all that we do on this space any earlier than tonight, but here you get a peek of an up-and-coming creative group that promises 'Classical Music, not as you know it'. What you see above is our campaign shoot, featuring a couple of very talented recent fashion design graduates from around Melbourne, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting and viewing their work! This concert also sees an exciting collaboration and features a short fashion film (4th and 6th image above), that will be screened to us playing live in performance. Here's a little sneaky preview to tantalise you :) and just while I'm at it.. we made it on the Sunday Herald Sun! Always a little surreal to see yourself in print, especially in the papers! 

If you are in Melbourne and are the slightest intrigued at all, we'd love to see you there tomorrow night - full deets right here. 

Oh, I'd also really love to hear any thoughts, comments, and collaborative ideas and of you guys might have x

Photography by Eric Trinh and myself
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Friday 29 November 2013


Natasha Gan dress, Witchery suede wedges / Asos bodycon midi dress, Karen Millen jacket, Zara heels

I love both bumblebee-inspired outfits above because each piece is so simple, yet with a characteristic twist. With peplums in my opinion now being so commonplace and nearly overdone, it was a refreshing change in this sunshine yellow Nat Gan dress to see the peplum pleated and puffed. And to such beautiful effect that anything more than simple black suede wedges would have been deemed unnecessary. 

I have also discovered that midis that keep you cocooned through till your knees are surprisingly comforting. Also that the jacket-around-your-waist look 10-year-old me used to sport is back. Except this time with a little more effortless sophistication than clumsy cool. 

Or at least, we hope, anyway.

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Parrots & Prints

Natasha Gan halter top, Witchery culottes, Zara heels, Petite Grand bracelet

It's not everyday you find yourself dressed in an exuberant parrot print. An absolute statement piece and in all honesty not the easiest to work with in the mix and match pile. Details that got me were the gathered neckline, low back and the little sash that gives it all shape just the way you want it. Stayed away from over the top floral print clashing to avoid looking like a walking ad for the wildlife park and instead played it simple with slouchy black culottes - which apparently are the next big thing. Not that you have to follow trends or anything. 

And if you're a sucker for fine, fine jewellery (high-five!), Petite Grand will leave you lost for words.

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Monday 18 November 2013


Jolie & Deen dress and rings, Zara heels

It just felt slightly wrong sharing Spring floral dresses on this space when all of last week mercury levels in Melbourne plummeted and we found ourselves staring at the gloomy skies and fighting the continuously intermittent rain. I retreated to my brunch-loving ways. Also found some comfort and inspiration in Jolie & Deen's new collection.

In under 24 hours I shall be exam-free and racing to the newly-opened, much hyped about Messina on Smith St. No longer shall I have to make the trip to Sydney for the best gelato experience(s) ever. White chocolate and parmesean. Coconut Pandan. You guys get me. Insert cheesy grin as above. 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Friday 8 November 2013


Soy Chai, Banana Hotcakes, Bagel with Trout at The Fair Foodstore

My Instagram feed is a clear giveaway that I have a soft spot for brunches (the whole cafe experience, really), and a compelling need to document my gastronomical adventures in photo form. And Melbourne's just about the perfect environment for that but given the rate at which new places spring up (I thank Broadsheet for keeping me wise), a quick online search before trying a new place is a must to avoid the regular egg and bacon menu. 

A close friend vouched for the incredibility of The Fair Foodstore's hotcakes. FLUFFIEST IN MELBOURNE, she said. They were indeed fairly fluffy, although I would have loved an indulgent caramelised banana concoction instead of fresh ones. I might have also gone a little gaga over the mini honey jar and accompanying dipper. And despite the slightly overpriced trout bagel it was a cozy little space that catered to our 4pm hunger pangs and kept us away from the mini storm brewing outside. We also enjoyed studying closely their Scandinavian-inspired interior and inventive decor. 

So I quote one of the most awe-inspiring musicians I have had the pleasure of working and learning with - 'Please do not photograph your lunch. Just eat it.' 

Guilty as charged.

Photos by me
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Monday 4 November 2013


Keepsake First Date Bodice via The Fashion Bunker, Zara shorts, Asos heels, Jolie & Deen necklace 

I write this between indulgent spoonfuls of caramel honey macadamia ice cream and glances of The Great Gatsby (finally reviving my study of the American Dream in Year 12 English, just a few months behind all the hype). A slightly indecent hour, but a little self-indulgent 'me' time goes a long way, especially during the exam period, right?

Keepsake has done this bustier justice in more ways than one, in a design that is more understated elegance than uncomfortably attention-seeking. The origami-like peplum and cinched waist is about one of the better things you could do for your shape, and in pastel tones of sky blue and coral it could well be a nifty choice in your date night wardrobe. Taking the origami folds a step further, these Zara shorts/skorts step in to make dressy-casual just that bit more visually intriguing. 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Friday 1 November 2013


Wish dress, Steve Madden heels, Petite Grand necklace

Lock away your LBDs. Black doesn't even make sense in summer. 

How about a little pink dress? (Or as the colour nazis put it, fuschia). I chose this as part of Wish's Style Challenge and really it couldn't have come at a better time - sunshine and hitting the mid-20s today!

Complete with the tiniest bird cut out pendant I've come across - more tantalisingly delicate jewellery where that came from. 

Currently drooling over everything on The Whole Pantry App. So much inspiration

Photography by Thomas Lo
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