Saturday 29 September 2012

We found a pink door

Agent ninety-nine tee via General Pants, ASOS jeans, wedges and bag, MK watch

One question constantly on my mind the last couple of weeks: Why does time pass so quickly?! I sit here typing while munching on a ham and avo sandwich for brekky (no fancy leisurely brunches today), gathering inspiration for an upcoming shoot and also dreading the to-do list that marks the return to uni. It's a wonder I even managed to get up to Sydney for a couple of days earlier this week - though, trip well made, I say.

Anyway, just a casual get-up while trotting around Sydney the first day we were there. Once again I am clad in ASOS almost head to toe (unintentional), and evidently am loving some white for the warmer weather. These wedged lace-ups are, in my opinion, the perfect 'summer boot' - a lighter colour and a peep toe to keep them breathable. They also go perfectly well with summer dresses (have you watched the video??) and I already see them keeping me company in the months ahead!

Will be back with more around Sydney - outfits and food, glorious food x

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Sunday 23 September 2012

With flowers in her hair

Sportsgirl dress and floral headpiece, Michael Kors watch, ASOS bag and shoes

I was trying my bestest to get some work done, one sunny Sunday afternoon, and could not help getting increasingly frustrated that I wasn't out there enjoying the lovely exclusive sunshine instead. So eventually, I gave up, found a pink dress, put some flowers in my hair, and went twirling around in an open space. Then we thought to give video-editing a go and voila! Funny faces, embarassing dances, and an impromptu visit by a friendly doggy all in one place (I'm not all that good around animals when they're anything bigger than a small fluffy white puppy). 
So fresh air and sunshine really does make you feel better. Remember that next time you're feeling grumpy! 
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Monday 17 September 2012


Amore and Sorvete bikini top; Talulah printed pants, Lovisa accessories

August St lime green shirt; Piper Lane green silk blazer, Shona Joy baby blue blazer, Amore and Sorvete one-piece, Jeffery Campbell Platforms, Lovisa Accessories

Model: Kaitie B
Styling: Nicole Tj
Hair: Christina 
Make up: Jodie Yarrow
Photography: Mim Kempson

So you've seen the instagram updates, you've snuck a peek behind-the-scenes - thank you for waiting.

We started with a loose concept - gaga-like, crazy print, bold colours, big hair - and I let my mind run wild with the countless number of pieces I found while browsing the online stores. It was tricky, however, to narrow them down and come up with something less 'everyday' and something with more of a punch! As Mim puts it: This photoshoot is based on 1950s patriarchal values - the model embodies the character of a housewife who desires to escape the clinically dull, outdated style of her surroundings. She finds solace in fashion, which she uses to take on various personas. 

I loved working with the colour, layers and print clashes - the energy of the colour and print in the first outfit, while still feminine, holds a certain assertiveness, while the second was a play on the more 'masculine' top layers paired with the sweetest one-piece.

A huge, massive, grateful thank you to BAM Brands, for providing the beautiful, sweet Amore and Sorvete swimwear, To The Max for the stunning pieces, and Lovisa for allowing me to raid your accessories drawer! And to the team, thank you for a wonderful shoot.

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Saturday 15 September 2012


 ASOS crop top, Topshop skirt, Nine West flats

I have been struggling to find time to fit everything in the last couple of weeks or so, and couldn't be more thankful that the mid-semester holidays are here. However that also means that there are only 4 official uni weeks left to the year, which is a horrifyingly scary thought, no? In any case, here's an outfit post before I trot off to catch up on sleep.

Quickly snapped these shots last week in the short time between the Wittner MSFW Runway and running off to a rehearsal, which explains the little canvas bags. There was no escaping the charm of this skirt once I got my hands on it in Topshop London a couple months back. The bright red, high waist, wide pleats with the perfect amount of flare makes me feel like a little girl in a big skirt when I have it on. I have been wearing it with black over winter, but it started to get a little boring/serious. Besides, I am now loving this rosy peachy colour palette! These flats also add a little textured and printy something to the otherwise block coloured ensemble. 

Photos by Thomas Lo
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Thursday 13 September 2012

Chadstone Vogue Australia Runway Show

I had the pleasure of being at the Chadstone Vogue Australia SS12 Runway Show on Wednesday night, when the shopping centre was abuzz with enthusiastic shoppers making the most of discounts on the Fashion Capital's VIP shopping night. Selections from the runway...

Cobalt - A colour I fall in and out of love with, and at the moment it's still sitting on the back burner, but I do like the head-to-toe blues nonetheless. Also works well with a nice tan, come summer!

 Urban Nomad - These looks scream carefree and effortless, yet have so much appeal. All that double denim worked on the boys. So well. Throw in a casually-slung backpack over your shoulder and you're good to go.

Graphic Print - Went gaga over this one! I do love my prints - a good one just makes for so much immediate visual interest. Coordinate a two-piece or head for a mirrored print in a fitted dress (need to check out this Forever New one for myself). I shall sporting both these looks this summer!

 Strong Elegance - THAT sheer organza dress by the one and only Lover is amazing up close. I had a look in David Jones and got a little too excited - it literally is a piece of art! I also have a thing for white.  Pleats definitely were a feature, and don't forget to colour your outfit :)

Age of Romance - Three faves by Lover, Sass and Bide, and Lisa Ho - you simply can't look past lace and sheer flowy skirts. To me they are just so strikingly feminine, and add just that extra bit of drama in an outfit. 

It was a lovely, inclusive atmosphere, and most fantastic seeing that the runways had attracted a two-storey crowd. Thank you Chadstone for having me there and I'm looking forward to the next one already!

Photos by me
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Tuesday 11 September 2012


The long-waited, behind-the-scenes snippet of a shoot that I styled a couple of weeks ago. Yes I enjoy drooling over beautiful outfits, and am most proud of my ability to memorise store items and function as a walking shopping guide. I enjoy people-watching, and wonder why they dressed the way they were. I enjoy picking out clothes, pairing them together in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways.. probably most evident in my own outfit posts. So it was a refreshing and insightful change this time to have a go at styling for a specific concept, gathering my thoughts and pulling my ideas from all corners of the web, and putting them into two, visually exciting outfits. I need to mention special thanks to BAM Brands for your lovely Amore and Sorvete pieces, To The Max and Lovisa for your support and helping me make everything come together literally in the last couple of days!

So here you have it - for now, a happy combination of big curls, bright colours and bagfuls of lollies. I was privileged to have worked with such lovely ladies (and couple of guys) and I can't wait to share the finished shots with you very soon! 

Photos by Thomas Lo and me
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