Friday 31 May 2013


Fame Agenda shirt and shorts, Karen Walker belt, Jo Mercer heels, ASOS sequin clutch, Tony Bianco sunnies

Quick summery flashback to the days of MBFWA! It all seems like ages ago now that I was up in Sydney catching runway shows and experiencing the thrills of wacky Messina flavours every single day. I had pulled out this sequinned clutch two days in a row and for some reason it only makes sense to amplify prints with even more prints - the same way textures work better in threes and cream goes with even more cream. I now sound like I'm talking about a layered dessert. I always find a matching two-piece extremely versatile and Fame Agenda's wondrous prints (check out their latest here) certainly made for the perfect print-partner. 

Photos by Street Smith
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Wednesday 29 May 2013

State of Fashion

Jolie & Deen jumper, skirt and necklace, Sportsgirl scarf, H&M beanie, Jo Mercer boots

You guys would know very well now that one of my huge online shopping loves is ASOS. And that I've racked up a ridiculous Saved List that will probably never be fully realised but exists just because trawling those pages and endlessly clicking on things that look good is somewhat therapeutic. That almost sounds like a problem. The ASOS addicts amongst you all would have noticed their new State of Fashion competition - share your winter style and be in the running to win a $1000 wardrobe! Pretty sweet. 

So this is what I put together when asked to be part of the campaign. I've had a tendency in previous years to start living in tights once cooler comes around, but at some point that gets dead boring and so this time round I'm trying to avoid it as much as I can, opting for jeans or in this case, a hint of bare leg instead. I quite the idea of smart ninja layering beneath (my choices are Uniqlo heat-tech and a thin knit) big jumpers - this Jolie & Deen one is a prime example - that I swear does in fact keep you warm. Rug up with a blindingly pink cozy scarf and a beanie, and you are sufficiently warm up top to warrant showing some skin with these over-the-knee socks. 

 Photography by Thomas Lo
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Saturday 25 May 2013

Happy Contradictions

Asos floral dress, Portmans blazer, Asos shoes, Tony Bianco sunnies

Hurray! The last of assignments have finally been submitted and I can finally breathe again. Happy dancing and laughter followed and the lazy serenity of Sunday afternoons have returned. This also calls for a celebratory blog post - I have SO MUCH to share, so little time, so be patient with me. 

This outfit showcases two of my absolute wardrobe loves: 1) prints and 2) white jackets. Assuming you've snuck a sneaky peek into my closet, you'd realise that this little blazer is only one of the five of my white jacket loves. I have a creepin' little thought at the back of my mind to convert my wardrobe into a white-washed one - withs comforting whites, nudes and neutrals.. Though, the only thing standing between myself and a wardrobe like that is how easily I am drawn to print (and colour), which is how yet another floral piece in gorgeous combinations of purple ended up at my doorstep. I know, I'm a walking contradiction.

So, about that white-washed wardrobe.. I don't think it'd ever be feasible but, thoughts? 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Sunday 19 May 2013

In My Closet!

Welcome to (snippets of) my humble closet! I had the privilege of shooting with the lovely Cassandra and Sebastian from The Urban Silhouette and indeed a closet feature was something I'd never done before. In fact my mother had joked - why would anyone want to see your closet?! One can dream of having a closet rivalling that of Song of Style's (delight yourselves), right? Anyway, back on track, this is my room in the best of states - the moodboard that's happening above my drawers has to be one of my favourite corners, though it was pointed out to me that half the models up there have the same, slightly dazed look. Clearly that's something I like. (Handy tip: push-pins prove handy in displaying your delicate necklaces - trust me, tangled ones are something you don't want to deal with.) I love seeing a beautiful rainbow of colours in a wardrobe and try to colour coordinate mine as much as I can, and in doing so I have come to the realisation that I have a strong preference for white jackets (5, as opposed to 0 black ones), a myriad of prints (mostly florals) and textures, and most certainly not enough basics. 

More images and even an interview right here x

Photography by Sebastian Petrovski
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Wednesday 15 May 2013


Jolie & Deen floral blazer, My mother's vintage pencil skirt, Sportsgirl lace tee, Asos heels

Have been hiding away from the online blogosphere for the last 10 days - uni has been absolutely crazy and it was good to stay offline, coming up with fancy salad concoctions for a little bit. I have a very exciting closet feature that I can't wait to share with you guys (Instagram had first peeks) but first, let's get acquainted with my new hair. I've always felt that your hair defines your look and is such a huge part of your identity - am I the only one who feels that way? It's been almost six years since my hair's been anywhere within 4 inches of my shoulders and while I absolutely loved the versatility of my (extremely) long hair, it definitely felt like it was time for a change so here I am, 8 inches or so shorter. 

It's not everyday you come across a two-toned wall in the exact same shades as your outfit (and Ikea) so I was jumping for joy when it all worked out between this busy floral print and bright mustard yellow pencil skirt that was my mom's from back in the day! Navy and yellow is (usually) a fail-safe colour combination and a simple lace tee was all that was needed to tie together colours reminiscent of good ol' Spring with an otherwise corporate silhouette

This has got to be one of my favourite shoots to date! x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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Monday 6 May 2013


Topshop knit, Zara short and bag and shoes - wow.

I am aware my instagram feed has seen one too many #foodstagrams within the last week considering my attempts to stretch my kitchen skills, but creations like these filo pizza-tart crossovers are simply way too exciting for me not to share - heavenly ricotta-spinach-pinenut pairings and discovering for myself the beauty of caramelised onions keep me sane and happy. 

Perhaps I'll leave all my food musings for a separate blog post, but for now I draw your attention to a day-friendly combination of black and red, and red lips in particular. A bold and striking combination offset by this soft and cozy wonder of a slouchy turtleneck I scored for a mere SGD$9 (AUD$6). I admit I've never been a fan of the turtleneck (don't they look and feel a little funny/smothering?!) but with the right amount of give and slouch around the neck it actually does a pretty decent job of substituting for a scarf. And I say that as a true believer of the humble scarf. 

Photos by Thomas Lo
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Saturday 4 May 2013

Weekend Zen

Rodeo Show blouse, Secret South print pants, Asos heels, Orelia necklace 

Ahh, hello weekend. The promise of lazy afternoons, of cups of tea (green, rooibos or chai) and of new brunch discoveries. Then I realised - why would you need the excuse of the weekend just so you could give yourself some time off to relax? Don't you deserve to indulge yourself in some happy 'me time' any day of the week, especially and even more so when time seems tight and work never-ending? Just some of my recent thoughts and revelations.. and to reflect on my current although possibly only temporarily zen state of mind, an outfit to take you from the comfort of your couch straight out of the door. Never underestimate the versatility of an (oversized) blouse - all the slinky comfort of your pjs, yet instantly refined with the help of a skinny heel so you look less like you just got out of bed. Happy weekend all! x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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Wednesday 1 May 2013

Super Sneakers

Finders Keepers crop top, Cameo skirt, Zara blazer, Windsor Smith sneaker wedges (similar here)

New obsessions since we last met: quinoa, super smoothies, and a certain good-looking vegan lasagna. Not to mention these super suede sneakers that have been taking me from work to uni and everywhere in between. I know, I'd never have thought I was a sneaker wedge kind of girl but one fine day I slipped on a pair just for kicks and quite loved the way they felt and looked. The sneaky little concealed wedge provides just a little bit of height but still casual and comfortable enough for you to run around doing your errands. I absolutely adore curved hems on skirts and here is an easy ensemble based on just a simple blue/white colour palette! Now about that clean-eating phase of mine.. I'd love to hear if you have any exciting and tasty vegan (or just super healthy, really) recipes I should give a go x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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