Tuesday 29 May 2012


Witchery Maxi Cardi; Topshop Beaded Top; Peppermint Skirt c/o Motel Rocks; Topshop Boots; Momma's (Vintage) Handbag

I don't wear green very much but loved the peppermint shade of this Motel Rocks skirt so I'd decided to give it a go! The high waist and fitted shape makes it easy to style with slouchier tops and oversized outerwear - something I think I naturally tend to do. Tight/form-fitting clothes up and down is a little suffocating on an average day, no? I'm thinking the solid colour would work incredibly well in a strong colour-blocked outfit in the future!

Wore it with this massively long cardigan which is, in my own words, comfortably swanky. Not only does the length offer my legs some extra protection from the nasty winds, it also feels luxuriously soft and comforting, just like a good hotel bathrobe should! Not that it is a bathrobe, of course ;)

Need to stock up on winter accessories i.e. time for beanie-shopping!

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Monday 28 May 2012


I used to be a dress, jumper and tights sort of girl (or so I remember to be). However I have been struggling to find weather-appropriate dresses of late and instead choose to adorn my legs with an assortment of prints that I swear draw bemused looks from some people on public transport. 

Navy Coat with Fur Hood from my Japanese travels; ASOS Candy Stripe Jeans; Topshop Boots

These candy-striped jeans made me feel like a clown, in a good way. Jester, was the word my boyfriend used. I personally quite like how it seems to make winter dressing a little more fun even though I probably was shivering and drained from my efforts to not turn into an icypole. Plus points for a refreshing shade of lavender! 

p.s. I am evidently LOVING ASOS's variety of printed jeans at the moment (my floral ones made an appearance here and here).They honestly do fit pretty well, are considerably comfortable AND definitely super affordable! Warning: one is never enough! 

How are you guys keeping warm this winter? x

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I did a little interview with the boys from Mr Carter, an up-and-coming Sydney-based menswear label. They do some spiffy pieces. Check out what they've got to say about their experience so far on Couturing.com!

Sunday 27 May 2012

Wish - 'Raise the Roof' Preview

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend a preview of Wish's upcoming collection, 'Raise the Roof'. It was held at Hub Melbourne, a innovative workspace for collaborative work amongst a range of people. It was a beautiful set-up with splashes of colour throughout, including a huge fuchsia beanbag in the middle of the room which I just HAD to get cozy on.  

Trying on a couple of Wish pieces, loving the complementary mustard tones and soft drapes.

Tish of Mister Mode
Rachel and Ester

Miranda and Ester
Sevan and Twee
Double animal-print goodness
With the lovely Madeline of Wish
The collection features a good number of faux fur pieces - jackets, vests and scarves, as well as their signature silk pieces in healthy doses of bright colour and the occasional print (see second last pic above for my fave clash of the animal prints). 

It was a sweet coincidence that some familiar faces from the Nuffnang Fashionopolis were around when I dropped by, which meant a fun-filled hour of catch-ups and photo-taking! Miss FoxJoolz and Occasional Sweets also contributed cute little gifts of their own to the afternoon. And a huge thank you to the Wish ladies for swinging by Melbourne, and graciously letting us turn the place into our personal dress-up closet!

p.s. There was a seemingly cool/quaint/nice-looking cafe downstairs that I didn't have time to stop by but have made a mental note of! 673 Bourke St, to be exact, if you're around the area looking for some munchies.

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Thursday 24 May 2012

Sunglass Hut: Fave picks and a voucher?

Before I forget, all of us who attended the Nuffnang Fashionopolis a couple of weeks ago received a little USB card thing from Sunglass Hut, in which contained a little surprise (read on, it could apply to you too)!

To be honest I haven't been able to head down to Sunglass Hut to try on the range for myself, but a found a few favourites after a browse online..

D&G - Classic tortoise shell 
Dolce & Gabbana - Classic tortoise shell with a twist
Dolce & Gabbana - Bit of a splurge and Sicilian lace detail
Ray-Bans - Round gold rims
Burberry - Pop of lime green 

Well, we had each received a $75 off e-voucher from Sunglass Hut, an offer that YOU can take advantage off as well. All you have to do is:

1) Head over to my Facebook page and kindly spare a 'like' 
2) Download the e-voucher here and print a copy
3) Off you go to any Sunglass Hut store in Australia (excluding Myer concession stores), and spend min. $300 by the 3rd of June!  

Have a browse, there's just over a week to find your perfect pair - what's your pick? x

Full T&C
*Offer valid on full-priced sunglasses only. Minimum spend $300. Excludes Bulgari, Maui Jim, Oakley, Tiffany & Co., Chanel and lay-bys. Valid for one sales transaction and is not redeemable for cash. Not to be used with any other offer. Excludes lay-bys. Valid at Sunglass Hut Australia stores (excluding Myer concession stores) until 3 June 2012. Code: TR1

Tuesday 22 May 2012

EUROPE: In the Works

I know I've been a little slow on the updates of late. I apologise. It's (already!) the last week of semester, and uni life has been hectic. Excuse my weak excuse and poor time management! I have also been doing proper research and plans for my Europe trip. I plan to go in about a month's time, so yes it's a little on the last minute side of things and everyone goes 'WHAT?! You haven't booked your flight?!' Well yeah, no I haven't. But I am confident and determined and WILL make sure I make it to Europe, very soon.

Bruges, Cinque Terre, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Stockholm (via Google Images)

These are the cities on my travel list.

Trying to weigh up the pros and cons of joining a tour group like Contiki or wandering around with my own plans - have any of you been on tours/Europe yourself? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences! x

Friday 18 May 2012

Florals on Jeans

I have realised that each time I get something new (like my Evil Twin Furry Knit), I wear it to death like it is the only thing I have in my wardrobe to throw on myself. This also happens with colours - maroon, cream, navy and at the moment, yellow. But my biggest obsession in the last four months or so has been the printed pant. Yes, I have gone on a fair bit about them, and in particular, a recent ASOS purchase - a lovely (somewhat) mirrored floral print, on a pair of jeans.

 ASOS Jeans; Sportsgirl Tee; Forever 21 Knit; Urge Boots via The Iconic

Let me put it out there: I am not a 'jeans person'. The last time jeans qualified as a staple in my wardrobe was a good 6 years ago. You should see the shock on my closest friends' faces each (rare) instance I rock up in a pair of jeans. But I love these ones. LOVE. The amazing print, the stretch, and the all-round comfort of these jeans. Here I have teamed them with double cream knits (yes it was a cold and wet day), and casual flat ankle boots thanks to a little instagram competition held by Urge and The Iconic! They're a little grungy and a little more 'masculine', but think I'm getting the hang of balancing it out with floral prints, such as these jeans as well as girly dresses. Check out the above outfit links for items still currently stocked.

Also I visited Spotlight earlier today and got some embroidery thread in beautiful colours (as seen on my Instagram: @nicoletj). Hope to share my (hopefully successful) DIY attempt shortly! Happy Weekend! 

p.s. Tumblr is undergoing a little layout change, so stay tuned while I start to move some old posts over to this current site!

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Monday 14 May 2012

Fashionopolis 2012

Boy am I glad I had a change of mind and bought myself a ticket to the Nuffnang Fashionopolis 2012, the first event of its kind in Australia. Imagine 150 fashion bloggers and industry people, lots of colour, loud prints, creative personalities, all under the one roof! 

It was a full day of informative talks and a chance to meet some highly-respected people in the fashion industry, as well as fellow bloggers from Melbourne and interstate. I had zoomed down the freeway right after teaching in the morning, only to be faced with slow city traffic and a couple of wrong turns, and made it there just before the start of the afternoon sessions!

Yellow tops + printed bottoms unite! With the lovely Chloe of Chloe Ting.
 Dasha of Trendspotter: pastel perfection on those legs, AND she's wearing one of her own shoe designs! (Pretty please do a pair just for me..?)
Sunglass Hut running giveaways throughout the day
Sisters Esther and Rachel, of Estelle la Mode. Droolworthy Zara shoes ;)
Sevan of 7 Autumn Leaves
Lovely ladies Sam, Sevan and Charmaine
Girls behind Lydra - note the printed leggings!
Miranda and her awesome hair 

It was definitely a pleasure to have met so many amazing people, including Phoebe of Lady Melbourne, and Emma of Spin Dizzy Fall! I clearly wasn't able to photograph everyone and everything that was there, but I left the place feeling just a little bit wiser and creatively inspired. 

One thing I took away from the arvo - give your social network channels lots of time and love. There, all the time I spend glued to my iPhone and MacBook, justified!