Saturday 31 August 2013


Bec & Bridge blazer and tee, Ellery skirt, Zara boots

You know your life's been a little out of whack when dinner happens after 10pm more than half the week and you find yourself thinking a gazillion thoughts at any given time while bolting out of the house, hair dishevelled, quick snack in hand. I can't believe how quickly time has flown - looking back at these shots from a couple months ago, my hair seems incredibly long, and it's hard to imagine now how I ever managed to deal with almost-waist-length hair for over 3 straight years prior. That aside, let's talk classic colour combinations. Red and black are my absolute favourites, hands down - whether in a on a pop lip, or statement shoes, or in this case, a smart siren-red blazer. 

Currently obsessed with THESE Baroque swirl sunnies - Vision Direct, you tease.

Photography by Liz McLeish
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Monday 26 August 2013


Saba cami, Zara flowy trench, True Religion jeans via Shopbop, Zara heels, Her Fashion Box scarf

Give me something oversized and flowy and immediately you've got my attention. Doing my yearly rounds at Zara's sales in Singapore with my mother, she didn't quite understand the appeal of this thing that was 'too big for you' - how are you going to wear it?! She then proceeded to wrap it around herself and tied it up so that it resembled one of the those bathrobes you get at swanky, luxurious resort hotels.

But I love it. There's a myriad of ways I would love to wear it and unfortunately Melbourne's weather has not as yet allowed me to explore it to its full potential. But here, dressed down (or up, go figure?) in an all white ensemble was a simple way to take it for a test run, much the opposite of the previous print & colour pineapple attack. I also experimented with wearing this scarf as a chic little neckpiece, a cute little gift from Her Fashion Box, in which I am their  featured Guest Blogger of the Month, and the first time I am seeing anything blog-related in print.

It seems like this blog is seeing updates every Tuesday now (seeing as it's my only day I'm able to catch a breather, I'm working on that..) but that gives us a reason to be instagram friends, hey?

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Tuesday 20 August 2013


 Top c/o Glassworks, Vintage skirt from my mother's closet, Jo Mercer heels

Aloha! Pineapples and pencil skirts are two things I didn't quite expect to go together. This tropical printed top from Glassworks reminds me of op shop finds and suddenly I find myself wishing that I were back in the seaside town of Brighton, UK circa July '12 scouring through racks of wondrous vintage goodies. We had previously met this yellow pencil skirt in a one of my favourite shoots of all time and love the fact that despite its conservative pencil shape, it practically screams for attention and I could not at all imagine it worn in a workplace situation. Except perhaps back in the 80s. Pretty sure my mother had worn this to a wedding.. imagine that!

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Snood Up!

Carrie & Moss Dress, Zara heels

I have really come to love and appreciate the understated elegance of a knee-length dress. Tailored so that it nips in at the waist and with a pencil skirt that is all about business and refinement. Nothing oversized, nor drapey, nor ridiculously printy - all of which, you might have noticed, are areas I seem to instinctively veer towards. It really makes it hard then when I have to put together something 'proper', or semi-professional. As I have repeatedly mentioned to my close friends: my corporate wardrobe is non-existent.

In fact, I reckon this Carrie & Moss bridesmaid piece strikes middle-ground - team with black points and you get a lovely classic outfit I highly doubt anyone could find fault with, or play up the colour factor with printed heels that made my jaw-drop, quite literally. And a snood. It felt right.

Recent brunch hangout: The Grain Store

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Saturday 10 August 2013

Taco Night!

We decided to try our hand at food photography with tacos. Lots of it. They had popped up on my Instagram a good while ago so I thought I might share them up here for a bit of a change.

I do love my food. And more recently, have rekindled my love for actually MAKING it in my own kitchen. On my way to domesticated goddess status.

While I am NO food expert, what I tend to do (with savoury meals anyway, baking on the other hand is apparently a bit of a science) is improvise - based on what I see on food blogs, in magazines, on Masterchef masterclasses (yes they are pretty helpful!) - and come up with a slight variation of my own. Who has time for tedious recipes, right?

So here you see an assortment of fillings - 
1) Panko-crusted miso tofu - flour, egg+miso, panko, pan, in that order
2) Oven-baked snapper
3) Garlic & parsley prawns 

..a simple salsa, and the all important guacamole - I LOVE mine with loads of lime (or lemon) juice, salt & pepper in there. You might, or you mightn't.

Sooo yeah, dinner for 2 (or 10)! What do you think of seeing some food/lifestyle posts on this space? x

Photography by Thomas Lo
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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Life in Instasquares

1. Homemade 'modern' tacos - thats panko-crusted miso tofu right there. 2. Enough of this wintery business - come to me, Spring! 3. Showing off my perfect pedicure. 4. This orange-chocolate cake will satisfy any orange-chocolate skeptics out there. 5. Zara. Shoes. Discounts. 6. From the @projectanon_ instagram: violinist Joshua Bell brought me to tears, literally. Some of the most amazing music ever. 7. Frosty Melbourne. 8. Tacos & a shroom burger at Village Melbourne (Camberwell Market for food trucks, pretty much) 9. Playing the occasional flatlay game - something weirdly satisfying about being to organise multiple things in a visually-appealing manner.

I apologise for my mini blog hiatus - things have been crazy around here. If you're following on instagram you might have seen snippets of @projectanon_ around the place. What is this anon. thing, you ask?! Well, as the little tagline to the right suggests - pianist by day, fashionista by night. I have co-founded a performing group by the very 21st-century name of anon. and I urge you to visit our newly launched website whether or not the thought of Classical Music has ever crossed your mind! What we're aiming to do, in fact, is to encourage collaboration amongst the younger generation of creative minds, including fashion and art, to create an experience that is visual as much as aural. 

I'd truly, truly love to hear your thoughts both as non-muso or muso so hit me up below or on Twitter or something.

Oh, and outfit posts are making they're way back on the blog, I promise! Perhaps some food journaling as well..

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