Friday 11 May 2012

Instagrammin' Week

If you follow me on Instagram (@nicoletj) you might notice that all I find worthy of a quick iPhone snap are clothes and food. I hope you lot have enjoyed the previous shoots/features on Violet and I and Mossman and to be honest I don't quite know how to follow on from there. So I present to you my week in Instagram snaps, a little disappointing I know.. but we'll deal with it for now.

I have rekindled my love for online shopping via the ever so addictive ASOS. Floral jeans have arrived and they are superb, fit like a glove and are surprisingly comfortable! They get me so ridiculously excited. Also on the topic of ASOS, I recently got a Fashion Finder account (yes, more ways to procrastinate) and was absolutely flattered to have been featured on the home page, if only for 24 hours!

Masterchef, which by the way used to be one of my favourite shows, is also back on TV. Got my cook on with some blueberry muffins and banana bread! I didn't make those mini soft tacos above but intend to make a visit to one of the many Mexican joints around Melbourne soon..

Also that's a picture of Susie Bubble. I was at her talk last Friday and she was very likeable, though different to what I'd expected of her. All in all, very interesting, inspiring, and insightful. I'm on a roll with my alliteration.

Finally I present to you the print-on-print trend, which I have been absolutely taken by in recent months. I think it's amazingly creative and exciting what can come out of a decent print clash, and will definitely be experimenting with it throughout winter in an attempt to avoid the lazy all-black cold weather ensemble!

Friday nights make me ramble a little more than usual. Happy weekend x

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  1. Cool pics!


  2. Loving your blog too sweets! Great meeting you today! xx Dasha Gold

    1. Look forward to more RMK designs by you ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Michelle! I looove them too - they're the Gorman ones! x

  4. It was lovely to meet you yesterday. Nice pictures! The floral print pants are gorgeous.


  5. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely :) hope you have you back xx

  6. Thanks Laura :) am following your lovely blog too x


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