Friday 27 July 2012

Londontown: Signs and Salads

So I haven't really managed to figure out a coherent way of putting together my pictures from London, but here are some places/food/things that really stood out to me!

I've taken a strange liking to handwritten food signs. I would have gladly gobbled up some 'fluffy caramel nougat' if not for the fact that I was quite sick at the time. This was at Borough Market - foodie heaven located right next to London Bridge!  There was lots to see, from stinky cheese to seasalt caramel ice cream to spanish cured meats. Take a friend along!

I had heard heaps about the Portabello Markets, and being one of the first markets I'd visited I was expecting heaps of stalls/stores, lots of vintage goodies, and lots of people.  To be honest I found it rather underwhelming, but perhaps that's because I wasn't there on a weekend?

Ottolenghi came highly recommended by a food-loving couple friend of mine - 'BEST SALADS EVER,' they raved. Named after Iserali chef Yotan Ottolenghi (yes, I did my research), this little space in Notting Hill has in its display window an enticing spread of delicate cakes and pretty blueberry cupcakes. Step in and you are greeted with generous mounds of salads - I wasn't entirely sold by the look of the ready-made salads, and at the 13£ I paid for a compact takeaway box, it seemed just a little pricey. But, the roasted eggplant was literally melt-in-your-mouth; the dressing on the seared tuna packed a punch, and I don't know what magic combination of herbs and spices went into that couscous salad but it was ridiculously delicious! Worth. Every. Penny. I now regret not purchasing his autographed cookbook..

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  1. it looks like a great vacation!! :)

  2. such beautiful photos, and amazing places, love it! <3

    and great blog my dear^^


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