Saturday 13 October 2012


 Dress Gallery Silk Top and Shorts via Asos / Asos Paisley Crop and Beach Pants

Not that I've worn matching pj sets since I was about 10 but I imagine these would be the slightly more grown-up versions worthy of being flaunted outside the comfort of your home. I suppose there's the risk of looking too much like a kid heading for a play date but seriously, look at the generous slits of those beach pants! Aussie fave Shakuhachi does silky florals too but keeps the colour play in check for an edgier result. An extra click got me peeking at their Cruise collection and I truly have no words for the spectacular display of adorable daisy prints, white crochet, psychedelic rainbows and black leather thrown in there. And, Three of Something - a chance discovery I'm glad to have made and new label I'm definitely watching out for!

Just like your pjs, only better. Would you rock a matching set?

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  1. I'm all for matching print ensemble. But one of it has to be short, either short sleeved top or short bottoms/skirts just to break the prints down a little. :)

    Btw, my team at Fashion Valet sent you an email. Was wondering if you've received it?

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