Tuesday 31 December 2013


Keepsake dress, Asos sweater, Tony Bianco boots

I apologise for my silence. 2013 has been a big year that has come and gone more quickly than I could've ever imagined. I had the privilege of heading up to Sydney for MBFWA, meeting countless young designers and creatives along the way, and working with some of my most loved labels around Australia. I (unfortunately) also owe the inconsistency of this blog to ANON. - a musical venture that both myself and my dedicated photographer co-founded and where we take on very different roles as pianist and violinist, with big dreams of involving young designers, artists and other creatives within our performance projects. 

Almost 3 weeks ago now I hopped on a plane the day after our last performance for the longest plane ride of my life. 30-odd hours later and we were in sub-zero temperatures of the most exciting place on earth, New York City. It was unreal seeing some of the biggest landmarks that you've only ever seen in movies. It was a place so culturally diverse and historically vibrant. It was also there that I realised there was a different between 'snowing' and 'freezing rain'. 

But more on that later. We visited the Guggenheim Museum on the weekend NYC had a freak bout of warmer weather. And I needed a day off from being bundled within layers of Uniqlo Heat Techs and 60% Wool Coats. So out came the one and only dress I brought along with me on this trip. Also, turtlenecks. The next big thing in Winter dressing.

Happy New Year everyone! 

Photography by Thomas Lo
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  1. Happy New Year Nicole! :)
    NYC looks absolutely freezing right now!
    Keep warm!

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