Monday 14 April 2014


Wearing: D-ID jeans / Sportsgirl top / Zara shoes / Coach bag

Denim and white is a tried and true formula that (we are told) will never go out of style. The kind of effortless 'model off-duty' vibe that we can hope to emulate though in my opinion can easily toe the fine line between minimalist street-chic and well, boring. 

For the longest time I had developed an aversion towards jeans. It had seemed impossible to find ones that 1) fit right, 2) look good and 3) let you move around the way you actually want to move around. My comfortable solution to that was leggings and tights - until one fine day I realised that I did actually want to wear fancier pants of the real kind and fell in love with pants in various prints and colourways. The more ridiculous the print, the better. Blue, black or white jeans were still a foreign concept at the time.

But that was nearly 2 years ago now and like everything else, things change, or evolve gradually. I now find a few good pairs of 'basic' jeans in my everyday wardrobe and this pair of D-ID denim skinnies does well with the little ankle zip and knee detail. And they're soft and smooth and feel so good on. I add pops of my favourite colour to play with and hope that the result ticks all the right boxes on street-chic x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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  1. I feel the same about jeans! Until about a year ago I invested in some Acne jeans and never looked back. :)

    Oh, Mr Bear x

  2. LOVE the red shoes and scarf. I am such a sucker for rouge! xx


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