Sunday 19 August 2012


I don't think I have shared with you my love for Gorman. It started with this one pair of tutti frutti jeans which I well and truly fell in love with, yet for some reason put off the purchase.. until it was no longer to be found in stores. Biggest regret ever. 

Since then I have been eagerly sussing out the prints from each collection, and Gorman's Spring/Summer 12/13 collection definitely doesn't disappoint! These are my favourite outfits from the lookbook and while I do realise that bright colour, sequins and clashing kaleidoscopic prints all in the one outfit isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea, Gorman just does it so incredibly well! And with such ease, I might add. 

Accessories of choice. 

THOSE BOOTS - seeing it on this flat screen does it no justice at all. I skipped into store after spying it in the window, and on closer look realised it was no mere print but instead, embroidered fabric. I literally let out a gasp (probably closer to an embarassing squeal) of excitement. You would've seen these show up on my instagram (@nicoletj) too. Mindblown. 

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