Monday 27 August 2012


Saturday night, what usually passes as a quiet space for hungry students i.e. Garage Cafe was transformed into a energetic, colourful display of creative and crafty people - otherwise known as the Mister Mode Night Market. For sale was everything from handmade cards, buttons and gluten-free cupcakes, to studded denim vintage, cheap second-hand buys and laser-cut accessories. I had a chat with the boys who create portable sound systems in the form of vintage suitcases, as well as the lovely Charmaine who owns online store Bias Supply and whose Romance was Born printed pants I am quite a fan of (refer to 8th pic). Amongst the stallholders were Sevan of Seven Autumn Leaves showcasing her unique laser-cut designs, and Anastasia of Stasia Fox who provided me with a delish peanut butter cupcake that was my sustenance for the night! Upon closer look I found myself a mesh + gold sequinned dress for 10 bucks, and if not for my lack of cash would have left with a whole new outfit (or two).

It was the last Mister Mode market of the year and I was pleased to have popped by. Fingers crossed for the next event to be even bigger and better.

On another note, I am looking forward to the Melbourne Zimmerman warehouse sale with much anticipation.. Yes it is a little messy and the reduced prices skew your judgement a little.. but we'll see x

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