Sunday 2 December 2012

blankbird in sydney

Sydney Travel Video from blankbird on Vimeo.

Why hello, December! It seems like all I've done this year is greet each month with vague surprise. It's not that I don't like getting through months or anything, and yes I know that time ticks by but gee, it's been real quick. So quick I've almost forgotten to share this fun little video of our trip to Sydney over the short uni break, in September. SEPTEMBER. A little strange considering all I talked about after that little stint was Messina - 'Sydney has the best gelato ever. You have to go!' And in response to those who didn't share my bubbling enthusiasm - 'Dulce de luche and pandan coconut!!' Clearly, it's left its mark on me.

I was glad we ventured into the little boutique and cafe neighbourhood of Surry Hills this time round, figured out how to get ourselves to Bondi beach by sunset in less than 10 buses, dined at the wonderful, wonderful Sake Restaurant (they were featured on Masterchef a few years back and it was always lying at the back of my mind), soaked up some contemporary culture at MCA, filled up on a week's worth of seafood at the Fish Market, satisfied our longing for Chef Gallery dumplings and other asian goodies (someone please bring them to Melbourne). A unique miso caramel peanut gelato concoction, made right in front of our eyes in some sort of a laboratory-store setting complete with liquid nitrogen, was too an interesting experience.

So Sydney, thank you for opening our eyes to your busy busy city. Thanks also to BAM Brands and The Flying Standard for having me raid their wardrobe. I'm so bummed though that I haven't had a chance yet to visit any weekend markets, and I certainly haven't had my fill of Messina flavours! You can be sure that I'll be back pretty soon!

Video by Thomas Lo
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  1. Love this video!! specially the walking by cafe part with the baby :)

    1. how adorable was the little girl! glad you like :)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks hun! thought we might do something fun to document the trip xx


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