Wednesday 26 December 2012

[sportsgirl] tell me a story

Tell us a story about yourself
How about a few fun facts? I'm a pianist, have been playing since I was 4 and will always have a love affair with the piano. Food excites me; it also disappoints me. I secretly wish I were a dancer (contemporary), take way too long to choose between black and brown, get a little over-involved watching movies, and currently would love to be on an yoga retreat island resort, go figure. Blankbird fits somewhere in there.. 

Favourite fashion memory
There was a period of time I was most fascinated by a pair and a spare's deceptively simple looking DIYs and Style Rookie Tavi's maximalist outfits from her earlier days. I thought I could easily recreate DIY pieces (think pleated fishtail skirts and cut-out crop tops) with similar deftness and ease, and also experimented with excessive colours and layering techniques. I'm glad it was a phase - I really wasn't as DIY-inclined as I had hoped. 

Earliest or most favourite memory of Sportsgirl
Sportsgirl is amazingly fashion-forward and with so much in store, my girlfriends and I back in the day used to head in there not only to put together outfits for ourselves but also attempt to dress each other up in one another's (very different) style - sometimes to rather hilarious results! 

Christmas wishlist?
Lovely company, lots of laughter, and THIS beautiful blush baby. 

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