Saturday 8 December 2012

winter travel wardrobe

winter packing

So I'm heading back up North pretty soon and being faced with zero degree days and limited travel wardrobe space is forcing me to triple think my luggage choices. I'm so close to writing up a packing list - which I never do because really, I usually pack in a mad rush. I am, however, on a mission to avoid turning into an icypole and actually be warm enough to hopefully enjoy an Italian gelato. Snug jumpers, sensible shoes, knee high boots (I swear by keeping one's body extremities i.e.toes and fingers, warm), and a dash of co-ordinated colour to keep me sane. Fingers crossed things go to plan - tips welcome.

Before I sneak away into winter wonderland though, something special is going to land on the blog tomorrow. Something you'll like. Perhaps it'll last the week. Perhaps all through your holiday season ;)

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