Saturday 4 May 2013

Weekend Zen

Rodeo Show blouse, Secret South print pants, Asos heels, Orelia necklace 

Ahh, hello weekend. The promise of lazy afternoons, of cups of tea (green, rooibos or chai) and of new brunch discoveries. Then I realised - why would you need the excuse of the weekend just so you could give yourself some time off to relax? Don't you deserve to indulge yourself in some happy 'me time' any day of the week, especially and even more so when time seems tight and work never-ending? Just some of my recent thoughts and revelations.. and to reflect on my current although possibly only temporarily zen state of mind, an outfit to take you from the comfort of your couch straight out of the door. Never underestimate the versatility of an (oversized) blouse - all the slinky comfort of your pjs, yet instantly refined with the help of a skinny heel so you look less like you just got out of bed. Happy weekend all! x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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