Wednesday 29 May 2013

State of Fashion

Jolie & Deen jumper, skirt and necklace, Sportsgirl scarf, H&M beanie, Jo Mercer boots

You guys would know very well now that one of my huge online shopping loves is ASOS. And that I've racked up a ridiculous Saved List that will probably never be fully realised but exists just because trawling those pages and endlessly clicking on things that look good is somewhat therapeutic. That almost sounds like a problem. The ASOS addicts amongst you all would have noticed their new State of Fashion competition - share your winter style and be in the running to win a $1000 wardrobe! Pretty sweet. 

So this is what I put together when asked to be part of the campaign. I've had a tendency in previous years to start living in tights once cooler comes around, but at some point that gets dead boring and so this time round I'm trying to avoid it as much as I can, opting for jeans or in this case, a hint of bare leg instead. I quite the idea of smart ninja layering beneath (my choices are Uniqlo heat-tech and a thin knit) big jumpers - this Jolie & Deen one is a prime example - that I swear does in fact keep you warm. Rug up with a blindingly pink cozy scarf and a beanie, and you are sufficiently warm up top to warrant showing some skin with these over-the-knee socks. 

 Photography by Thomas Lo
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  1. love that scarf and knit! so bright and happy :)

    bon x

    1. only way to get through gloomstown without feeling gloomy myself! x

  2. I saw you on the ASOS page! The scarf is so bright! I love this outfit. XX


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