Wednesday 1 May 2013

Super Sneakers

Finders Keepers crop top, Cameo skirt, Zara blazer, Windsor Smith sneaker wedges (similar here)

New obsessions since we last met: quinoa, super smoothies, and a certain good-looking vegan lasagna. Not to mention these super suede sneakers that have been taking me from work to uni and everywhere in between. I know, I'd never have thought I was a sneaker wedge kind of girl but one fine day I slipped on a pair just for kicks and quite loved the way they felt and looked. The sneaky little concealed wedge provides just a little bit of height but still casual and comfortable enough for you to run around doing your errands. I absolutely adore curved hems on skirts and here is an easy ensemble based on just a simple blue/white colour palette! Now about that clean-eating phase of mine.. I'd love to hear if you have any exciting and tasty vegan (or just super healthy, really) recipes I should give a go x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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  1. Cameo can do no wrong at the moment! Love this outfit :)

    Tiffany xx

  2. Such a cool outfit hun!!! Sneaker rulezzz!! You're looking so cute in the last picture! Well done Mr. Lo

    Miss you heaps!


    1. I know, absolutely LIVING in these sneakers at the moment, partly coz all my other boots are worn out :( haha thanks hun, Tom will be glad to hear that. Miss you xx


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