Sunday 19 May 2013

In My Closet!

Welcome to (snippets of) my humble closet! I had the privilege of shooting with the lovely Cassandra and Sebastian from The Urban Silhouette and indeed a closet feature was something I'd never done before. In fact my mother had joked - why would anyone want to see your closet?! One can dream of having a closet rivalling that of Song of Style's (delight yourselves), right? Anyway, back on track, this is my room in the best of states - the moodboard that's happening above my drawers has to be one of my favourite corners, though it was pointed out to me that half the models up there have the same, slightly dazed look. Clearly that's something I like. (Handy tip: push-pins prove handy in displaying your delicate necklaces - trust me, tangled ones are something you don't want to deal with.) I love seeing a beautiful rainbow of colours in a wardrobe and try to colour coordinate mine as much as I can, and in doing so I have come to the realisation that I have a strong preference for white jackets (5, as opposed to 0 black ones), a myriad of prints (mostly florals) and textures, and most certainly not enough basics. 

More images and even an interview right here x

Photography by Sebastian Petrovski
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  1. 5 white jackets and 0 black ones, that's so strange! I'm almost the complete opposite! But definitely need to add some unique white jackets to my wardrobe. Black can get pretty boring O_O

    And I totally agree that push pins are amazing for keeping necklaces separate and detangled!



  2. Gorgeous! I envy your closet!

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  4. So much colour! And I love the white pieces, perfect. Following your blog now, happy to have come across it. xx Jenelle


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