Tuesday 15 January 2013

olive&finn x blankbird: fluid blues

Carly Hunter wide leg jumpsuit and Sollis necklace via Olive & Finn; Zara heels

I highly suggest, at least once in your life, that you give the jumpsuit a go. You don't have to do it right now, no, but the next time you see a onesie and toy with the idea of donning it even for a split second, do it. The 'perfect' one (if there is such a thing) will prove to be the most comfortable thing you have ever slipped into, and yes, they will look better than your favourite PJs.

To be honest I wasn't immediately drawn to this teal number - it was sitting quietly in a corner and almost seemed a little boring (!) - but each time I had a glimpse of it I wondered how it'd look on. So eventually I tried it. And loved it. As with the whites and yellows, it just felt so good on. The open slit back, pockets conveniently positioned for a relaxed slouch, and such amazing fluidity of the whole piece right down to the wide-legged swish - luxurious yet simple; so ridiculously understated. I could have worn it for a whole week straight.

Moral of the story: you'll never know till you try! And if you're still wondering who or what on earth Olive & Finn is, it's probably time you played catch up with our interview here x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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  1. such a simple but pretty jumpsuit! i love the open back too, wish i could do jumpsuits/playsuits but i'm way too tall :(


    1. thank you, it is AMAZING! i'm sure there will be a jumpsuit/playsuit out there for you (i've tried a couple that have been too long for me) so fingers crossed! x

  2. You look great hun, great colour! Dont think my curves could pull off a jumpsuit like that! xx

    1. thanks sarah! perhaps one with a cinched in waist then? doesn't hurt to try! x


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