Saturday 26 January 2013


Blank NYC high waist jeans via Shopbop, Lowry's Farm jumper, Topshop boots, patchwork bag from the Viet markets

I'm not gonna lie, I was thoroughly enjoying myself in Hoi An. It was a little bubble of calm, of leisurely seaside days, spring rolls and coconuts, old towns and colourful lanterns.

Then we hopped up to Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, and were instantly snapped out of that little bubble. We were back in the midst of constant car honking and where it was perfectly fine to drive against the flow of traffic. Moving around in a city like this called for comfort and practicality, and a slouchy jumper, jeans and flat boots was probably a no-brainer ensemble. 

But let me talk about these jeans - they're blue. The last time I wore blue jeans was actually in the year 2006, before jeans were phased out altogether in my wardrobe vocabulary. Floral and coloured assortments (slowly) drew me back into the world of jeans last year, and I am now in love with these vibrant blue, high-waisted ones by Blank. I truly have a newfound appreciation for their comfort and versatility once you find one that really fits like a glove and am already on the lookout for more to join the family! 

So thanks, Blank.

Photos by Thomas Lo
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  1. Hanoi can be a bit hectic but it's nothing compared to Saigon! I definitely prefer the slow pace of the south central coast.

    Beautiful pictures as always, thanks for sharing! Also, aren't Blank jeans the best?? They're my favorite brand because they offer superior fit and finishes without the pretension (I feel).

    Can't wait to see the rest of your travel photos!!



    1. Oh yes Hoi An offered such a breather! All three cities were such eye-openers though I think I might have even preferred Saigon a little more compared to Hanoi. You sound like you know Vietnam well! And yes, my first pair of Blank jeans - they fit amazingly and were quite a bargain ;) can't wait to share the rest of my photos x

  2. I'm not gonna lie either, I always look forward to your suitcase posts because it has a combination of nice outfits, yummy looking food and funny photos.

  3. What gorgeous pictures - you look like you are having so much fun!

    The food looks just incredible mmmm


    1. pretty fun little adventure! and oh, i love viet food, definitely one of my favourite cuisines xx


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