Sunday 27 January 2013


Target striped tee, Zara harem pants, Topshop booties, necklace and patchwork bag from the markets

7 days in and we're halfway through The Suitcase Challenge! If you're clueless as to what I'm talking about, keep scrolling - it all started here, with thoughts and personal ramblings on the art of efficient packing, and following that, presenting to you (albeit now a couple of days behind) an outfit a day from the limited space of a suitcase.

Day 7 wouldn't have been complete without the most delicious bowl of beef noodles I've had in recent times. Bun bo nam bo, it was called, and that I was reciting for a couple of days straight. It was washed down with a strong cuppa Vietamese iced coffee - but more on that later, perhaps in a dedicated foodie post that will be sure to make you drool and book your tickets to Vietnam pronto.

And when you do that, be sure to pack versatile pieces. This striped tee is a case in point, and has served me well this trip. Wear with harem pants (print optional but recommended) for cool but chill and make sure they end at your ankles, just above your amazingly comfy flat booties. Fling a couple of new market buys around your neck and hip and you'll be more than ready to wander around town, whether it's your first or last day there. In this case it was my last day in the land of Nam, before we hopped on yet another flight, to the land of yum cha and roast meats!

Till then x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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